Students recognized for honors received


Annika Pepper

Awards from 2020 Honors Night have been presented to last year’s honorees. Because a ceremony cannot be held in person, a video of the presentation has been made available on Schoology.

Charlie Goins, Staff Writer

Honors night is a yearly tradition to honor students who have excelled academically, rewarding them for their hard work. 

Each year the ceremony is held in the auditorium in early May. However, due to the current pandemic, honors night last spring was cancelled. There was a virtual honors night exclusively for senior awards, but the other classes were left out. 

“What we decided to do was instead of having our students continue to wait on ‘Did I win?’ [we decided to] go ahead and get those awards out,” Principal Allen Leonard said. “[This is] so that students can see it, or parents, but it wasn’t necessarily broadcast to the outside world.,” 

Leonard made the decision to finally present the awards to the other classes. Because Covid is still a problem, having honors night in the auditorium could not be an option. There would not be enough room to mandate correct social distancing guidelines. 

Presentation of the awards was recorded and put on Schoology for students and parents to see. Those interested can look under the “Recent Activity” section on Schoology or click here for the entire presentation.

Last spring, there was a virtual graduation ceremony honoring the class of 2020. There will be an official graduation ceremony on Dec. 18 at 6 p.m. in Panther Stadium.