Special Programs Night going virtual


Annika Pepper

Special Programs Night is when students and their families go from classroom to classroom learning about different application-based classes that Starr’s Mill has to offer. This year, Special Program Night will go virtual to ensure the health and safety of those interested.

Katie Johnson, Staff Writer

In order to protect the health and safety of those interested, Special Programs Night will be held virtually this year.

“Typically the students go from classroom to classroom, and they are normally packed out the door,” assistant principal Krystin Hall said. “So just for the effort of keeping everyone safe we decided to put everything on Schoology.”

In past year’s, Special Programs Night was held in mid-January.  However, the current COVID-19 pandemic has forced this change. 

“This year we are having teachers submit their videos for AP [classes] and special programs…like yearbook,”  assistant principal Brandi Meeks said.

Anyone interested in learning about AP courses, or how to apply for work-based learning or yearbook, can find the information on Schoology.  Information and videos will be posted after 5 p.m. on Feb. 1.