Now open — APs


Fernanda Orozco

In previous years, students would complete an application and a work sample in order to be considered for Advanced Placement courses. However, AP courses across the county are now open enrollment, but they still require a minimum grade.

Katie Johnson, Staff Writer

Advanced Placement classes will not require an application for the upcoming school year. 

“We are not going to focus on lowering test scores, but working on providing more opportunities for kids,” assistant principal Krystin Hall said.  

The change takes effect immediately as students begin to register for next year’s classes. 

Incoming 9th graders are only allowed to sign up for one AP class, sophomores can sign up for two, and juniors and seniors can sign up for three. Students who want to take more than that need approval from Principal Allen Leonard.

“There are still prerequisites. You can’t just sign up for any class you want to take,” Hall said. “There are grade minimums. For example, for AP U.S. History you would have to have an 80% in AP World or a 90% in World History.”

The county had been wanting to make APs open enrollment. This change will apply to all five high schools.

Starr’s Mill will add one more AP class next year. Rob Bell will teach AP Computer Science. 

Administration is not looking to add more teachers in the event that there is a higher number of students enrolling in AP courses. Instead, some teachers will attend a summer workshop to get AP certified.

“We don’t think this will have a huge impact,” Hall said. “Typically where we see our numbers change is with our electives.”

In the coming weeks students will begin meeting with their counselors to work on their upcoming 2021-2022 school year schedule options.