Daniel Stackhouse

Due to the pandemic, prom is being held in Panther Stadium on April 24 from 8 p.m to 11 p.m. If students paid their junior or senior dues then their ticket is covered, If not, then the ticket costs $105 and can be purchased on myschoolbucks.

Katie Johnson, Staff Writer

We are having prom! Well, sort of. It will look a little different this year.

Instead of having a prom at Tongue and Groove, Starr’s Mill will hold prom in Panther Stadium with a few new rules.

The students attending have to wear masks, and similar to homecoming, no one is allowed to wear heels. They are instead allowed to bring a backup pair of flats to change into. 

There will be a tent on the football field that the DJ will be stationed under, and dancing will take place on the track. Tables and seating will also be available.

“It was either have prom here in our facility, or there would be no prom this year,”  Class of 2022 sponsor Kelli Kalen said. 

High school principals from across the county collaborated in the decision for each school to host prom on site.

Students in lower grades, students from other schools, and previously graduated students are not permitted to attend.

Tongue, and Groove, where the Mill’s prom was originally scheduled to be held, has saved the school’s reservation for next year. 

 “We want them to have a great experience both seniors and juniors to remember,”  Class of 2021 sponsor Shannon Gagliano said.

Prom is set to begin at 8 p.m. on April 24 in Panther Stadium.