Hip hip hooray for Veterans Day!

History club to honor veterans this year


Annika Pepper

The Starr’s Mill history club is celebrating Veterans Day this year after COVID disrupted school tradition last year. They plan on honoring veterans who have served or are serving in several ways.

Allyssa Daigle, Staff Writer

Since Veterans Day was not formally celebrated last year due to COVID-19, the Starr’s Mill history club is going to take matters into their own hands to honor the veterans who have served or are currently serving. 

“As a history teacher, I know that the role of the American military has been so important in shaping and preserving the world,” history teacher Rebecca Rickeard said. “It’s important to make sure that upcoming generations know this.”

They will first be making cards for veterans and displaying them on the wall outside the cafeteria. The history club will set up a table outside the cafeteria on November 4 where students can walk up and mention their family who have served or are currently serving. 

They are then going to be creating a database with all of the faculty who have themselves served or who have family who have served. 

In addition, they will be asking staff members if their family members have been killed in action, and will set up a special memorial for them, essentially having a “Wall of Remembrance” and a “Wall of Honor.”

The history club will also make personal posters for faculty who have immediate family members who are currently serving for them to hang up in their classrooms. They would like to keep this program going year-round so they can recognize as many veterans as possible..

If you have any questions or want to reach out about a loved one who has served, please contact Rebecca Rickeard ([email protected]) or Susan King ([email protected]).