JV history bowl team sweeps top 3 spots, qualifies for nationals in first competition


Photo via Instagram (@smhshistoryclub)

History bowl team takes a selfie at Commerce High School, the team’s first competition of the year. All three junior varsity teams qualified for nationals after sweeping the top three spots.

Abi Carter, Editor

Starr’s Mill history bowl varsity and junior varsity teams had their first virtual competition of the season two weeks ago at Commerce High School. While varsity did not place, the junior varsity teams swept the top three spots.  

History bowl sponsor and history teacher Rebecca Rickeard accompanied students in training and throughout the competition. 

“We did this for fun,” Rickeard said. “That’s what matters.”

In virtual competitions, students have a time limit for a certain number of questions, creating that competition pressure. It takes strategy and involves knowledge from many history classes. 

The JV A team, composed of sophomores Nash Glover, Maggie Kleumper, Nicholas Steiner, and Connor Tillison, along with freshman Brian Hobmann, scored first overall. All three JV teams qualified for nationals.

According to Rickeard and junior varsity team member Matthew Little, practices are fun, interactive and are held at least once a week. During practice, students arrange their tables similar to the competition, and will buzz in to answer questions. 

The team will compete again in January.