Starr’s Mill seeking participants for annual literary competition


Craig Bardo

Starr’s Mill is currently seeking participants for this year’s GHSA Literary Competition. Interested students can see English teacher Terence Fitzgerald in room 718.

Craig Bardo, Staff Writer

Applications for this year’s GHSA Literary Competition are now available.

Events include acting, essay writing and extemporaneous speaking, each with its own criteria. Acting will be either dramatic or humorous, essays will be either personal, argumentative or rhetorical, while speaking will be on domestic or international topics.

“It’s a really great way to compete,” literary team coach and English teacher Terence Fitzgerald said. “[It] looks great on college applications.”

All students are allowed to enter given that they have been at Starr’s Mill for at least one semester. The actual competition will be sometime in early March at a currently undecided local high school.

“Virtually anyone can compete, [and] it’s just the one competition [unless] you advance to state,” Fitzgerald said.

Interested students should see Fitzgerald in room 718 before the January 28 application deadline.