Media center hosting Bingo Reading Madness Challenge


Mateya Petrova

The Starr’s Mill media center has created an exciting and engaging game to encourage and incentivize reading. Students from any grade can read a book from any genre in the media center, write a review about the book they read, and win a prize.

Mateya Petrova, Staff Writer

Media center specialist Rick Wright has created a new incentive for Starr’s Mill readers called the Bingo Reading Madness Challenge.

“We basically play the game of bingo using different genres of the fiction collection,” Wright said. “Students can read from any book from any genre in the fiction collection.” 

Bingo Reading Madness Challenge  is a fun and encouraging learning activity where students can read books and win a prize when they make a bingo. In order to be able to get the award, students will have to do a book review. Students can also submit a Flipgrid in order to meet the criteria.

“I pick bingo because most kids can relate to it,” Wright said. “[It is] something that was kind of fun and engaging and also something that was easy to manage.”

There are three levels of prizes for bingo. Level one is to create one book review and win a $5 amnesty credit or candy. Level two is to complete a whole row and win a $10 poster or copy credit. Level three is to complete the entire paper and win a free T-Shirt that the winning person gets to design using the media center Cricut machine. 

All students who enjoy reading or want to get better at it can pick up the Bingo Reading Madness Challenge paper from their English teachers or in the media center.