Math department victorious in inaugural Reindeer Games


Courtesy of Allen Leonard

Members of the math department pose with the inaugural Reindeer Games cup. The Reindeer Games were a series of competitions among the teachers during exam week designed to boost morale and camaraderie within the departments.

Micah Freeman, Staff Writer

After a week of tough competition, the math department won the inaugural Reindeer Games cup. 

Reindeer Games was a series of competitions from December 12-16. The games were designed to build camaraderie within the departments. 

“I loved it,” math teacher Heather McNally said. ”It was fun, and just something different to do with my colleagues.”

The games consisted of multiple categories such as eating, door decorating, baking, and athletic ability. The entire competition had an overall Christmas theme to it.

“We tried to focus more on school climate and morale and making the school more fun,” assistant principal Elise Heaton said.

The math department’s strategy was to up the events. They played to each other’s strengths. The more athletic teachers did the sack race and the floor-is-lava game, while others did the cookie-eating competition or baking.

“The Reindeer Games brought the math department together,” department chair Kristin Peavyhouse said. “It gave us an opportunity to be silly and strategize.”

After the success of the Reindeer Games, it will become an annual event. More events like these games are planned. Some of these games may include student participation.