Whirlwind drama hits headlines

Students at the Mill had a long weekend for Fall Break in recognition of Columbus Day on Oct. 10. With pressing news such as a celebrity robbery and the looming threat of Hurricane Matthew, the extra day off provided a much needed break from the heavy headlines. However, as time passes along and the waves begin to calm, we’re here to give you a report of the aftermath. Keep up, and keep it current.

Kardashian Robbed at Gunpoint (10/3)

According to Yahoo, pop celebrity Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry on Monday at 3 am. Five men wearing ski masks and police jackets broke into Kardashian’s room in Hotel de Pourtales in Paris where she was vacationing.

According to Kardashian, the celebrity was held at gunpoint. She claims to have begged for her life, reasoning that she was a mother with children back at home. The robbers then put tape around her mouth and left her in the bathtub. Police found Kardashian after finding the night guards tied up.

Yahoo states that two men entered Kardashian’s hotel room and tied her hands and feet with tape, locked her in the bathroom and stole a jewelry box worth $6.7 million in jewelry, which included a ring worth $4 million. Police sources said that her two cell phones, purse and a thousand euros were also stolen. According to The Telegraph, police investigators suspect the robbers to be old and of the European origin, but no arrests have been made.

Tragedy in Syria (10/5)

The civil war that has been tearing apart the nation of Syria claimed the life of a young unidentified girl who went outside to play. Now the young Syrian joins the other 470,000 souls that have been lost in this terrible war.

Each day, the young girl collected water for her family but on this particular day, the young Syrian saw a saw a glimmering silver ball. Unfortunately, she thought the ball was a toy and went over to play with it. The ball turned out to be a dangerous bomb laid by the Aleppo, an opposing military force that owns part of Syria. After the explosion, the young girl was rushed to the nearest hospital. She would pass away a few hours later, becoming a symbol of the raging war and its tyrannies over the innocent.

Hurricane Matthew: The Destruction of Florida (10/6)

Florida has been affected by many hurricanes in the past, but Hurricane Matthew may be the worst.  The hurricane broke shore Thursday afternoon much to Florida’s surprise.  The Floridians did not find out about the storm and its impact on Florida until it changed its course on Oct. 5. In a state of emergency, Forida began to take caution in every aspect possible to keep remaining citizens in the state safe.  

The largest warning was given for Floridians on the coast.  “Do not go on the beach. This will kill you,” Florida Governor Rick Scott said. The storm reached category four status and destroyed several places in Florida.  According to Fox News, one house’s wall was swept 500 feet off the coast.  The storm came with raging winds hitting 140 miles per hour at midday.  Other destinations took equal precautions with the cancelling of 1500 flights around the state, and the city of Orlando almost completely shut down. Popular tourist attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld all announced the closing of their parks on Thursday afternoon and they reopened after Matthew passed.

Hurricane Hits Haiti (10/7)

While the threat of Hurricane Matthew is looming over Florida and those on the southeast Atlantic coast, this natural disaster has already wreaked havoc on the Caribbean. The small island nation of Haiti just recently began to rebuild its villages that an earthquake demolished approximately six years ago. Haiti’s renovation-in-the-works came to a sudden halt as Hurricane Matthew started on its path of destruction, reversing all the progress that the nation had made.

When the hurricane reached the island, it had already reached Category 4 status. According to Reuters, Haiti’s death count reached 478 individuals on Friday, a 207-person increase since Matthew first made landfall. By the end of Friday, news stations were reporting over 800 recovered bodies from the destroyed villages.