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Jacob Hunt, Staff Writer

Hours turn into minutes.  Minutes turn into seconds.  As today, Nov. 18, moves on, Starr’s Mill students await their well-deserved week off and the relief from school work. While students count down the time until their freedom, news takes no vacation. The Prowler has the news of the week.  

New Zealand is in a Magnitude of Trouble (11/14)

The people of New Zealand woke in terror Monday morning when a 7.8 earthquake shook the southern island area.  The earthquake started in Kaikoura, New Zealand.  It shook the area midnight Monday morning and caused mass destruction.  As of now, two people have been reported dead and countless others are left with their own misery.  Landslides outside of Kaikoura have left thousands stranded, including one thousand tourists visiting the nation.  Water and power supplies have been cut off to the affected towns as well.  

Unfortunately for residents, the worst part of the earthquake was yet to come.  Since the earthquake started, countless aftershocks have been reported throughout the southern New Zealand region.  The aftershocks have caused millions of dollars in damage and are destroying architecture all over the nation.  As supplies runs low, military helicopters and Navy ships are sending in resources to aide islanders.  Neighbors are also lending a helping hand to their fellow citizens to try and give everyone a chance of survival.  

Will Rogers Airport Shooting (11/15)

The Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma turned to a place of tragedy Tuesday afternoon when an unknown shooter attacked.  The shooter started firing in the parking lot outside the terminal.  He hid in the  parking garage before taking fire at innocent victims.  The shooting took the life of one bystander.  The deceased man, Michael Winchester, is an employee at Southwest Airlines and father to NFL player James Winchester.  There were no other injuries reported as many of the travelers and workers took shelter inside the airport.

The tragic shooting caused headaches for travelers as the airport was forced to close and flights were cancelled.  The shooter has been identified by authorities and found deceased  in a nearby truck.  The cause of death is still under investigation but it appears to authorities to be a suicide by gunshot.

Professor Professing No More (11/16)

Oberlin College in Ohio is about to lose one of its assistant professors.  Joy Karega, the assistant professor of Rhetoric and Composition, posted negative comments about the Jewish faith a few years ago and how she believes they caused tragic events in history, including 9/11.  She also has threatened students who disagree with her beliefs.  These actions have caused the school to take steps to remove Karega from her position at the college. However, she does not plan to leave quietly and is fighting the charges against her.

Karega has come out against the university  and is telling her side of the story.  She hopes that this will help  prevent her termination.  Karega has informed news networks and the university that her remarks were in defense of attacks on her race from students.  She feels her students repeatedly insult her African American heritage.  Only time will tell if her defense prevents her removal from the university but some feel her comments were too rash and can not go without punishment.

Nobel Prize Winner or NO-bel Prize Winner (11/17)

The Nobel Prize is one of the highest honors an individual can receive.  The prize is awarded in many categories and to many worthy individuals. However, one winner is in no hurry to accept his prize.  Bob Dylan was offered the Nobel Prize in literature and was given an invitation to its acceptance ceremony on Dec. 10 in Stockholm.  However, Dylan will not be able to attend the event due to prior engagements.  

In response, the Academy told Dylan that he could still accept the award as long as he gave a speech on literature within six months after the ceremony.  This requirement is for all prize winners.  Dylan has agreed to these terms and will be accepting the award at a later date.   There is no date or details regarding when Dylan plans on speaking and accepting his award.

Word of the Year (11/18)  

As the year 2016 begins to wrap up  Oxford Dictionary has announced its word of the year. This coveted honor is awarded  to a word that has a great impact on the English speaking world.  This year many of the words selected were related to the British and United States elections. The winner was “post-truth” due to its high usage during both countries elections.

“Post-truth” is an adjective meaning “using one’s emotions, over fact, to influence a group’s opinions.” The word describes how politicians and political commentaries use half truths to manipulate public opinion. The word was used so frequently this election cycle that Oxford dictionary has named it word of the year.  

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