A tragic spin on Valentine’s week

Yuri-Grace Ohashi and Jacob Hunt

Valentine’s Day fell on Tuesday, and love filled the air at the Mill. With Singing Valentines, gifts and hearts filling the halls, students really embraced the holiday. However, love did not take hold in the news, with missile threats, bombings and a public beating making headlines. The Prowler has the stories.

Korean missile threat (2/13)

President Trump faced a Korean missile launch Sunday, when Kim Jung Un ordered a test fire.  The president was having dinner with Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, when he first found out about the threat.  As a result, an United Nations meeting was called by South Korea, Japan, and the United States and is to be held Monday afternoon.  The meeting is being held because it is prohibited by the UN for North Korea to hold nuclear weapons.

The missile was launched from a cold-launching system in North Korea.  It traveled 310 miles from its launch location before dying in the Sea of Japan.  The average distance of ballistic missiles is about one thousand to three thousand miles, so this one was not as huge a threat.  However, the weapon was built in a way that made it easier and quicker to launch which could make predicting it in the future slightly harder.   

Russians visit U.S. on Valentine’s (2/14)

A Russian spy ship was reported off the coast of Delaware on Tuesday morning.  The ship was heading north and was equipped with military grade spy technology that was capable of figuring out Navy Sonar signals and listening in on certain U.S. messages.  It never entered the U.S. boundary which is about 14 miles off the coast, but the ship is still being monitored since surface-to-air missiles were found amongst the ships technology.  

Russian spy visits have been a common occurrence in the U.S, since the Cold War.  The east coast has been an especially popular ground for Russians due to the major military bases located inland.  One of the most visited locations for spies is Kings Bay Georgia which holds a U.S. submarine base.  Two ships also were found in December getting the final information of the Obama administration.

India sends 100+ satellites into space (2/15)    

According to Associated Press, the Indian Space Research Organization stated that it “successfully launched more than 100 foreign nano satellites into orbit” with one rocket on Wednesday. The 104 satellites were less than 10 kilograms altogether and toppled Russia’s prior record of launching 37 satellites in a single mission. The launch included a couple of technology demonstration satellites, an Indian Earth observation satellite, and “international customer satellites, including 96 from the United States and one each from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.”

For quite some time, India has been making great strides in order to join the global market based in space. The country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, commented over social media that the ISRO’s achievements and successful launch represent “yet another proud moment for our space scientific community and nation.” The ISRO hopes to continue its research with the goal of one day sending someone from India into space, just as other countries have done in the past.

Veteran protects turtle’s rights (2/16)

Navy veteran Gary Blough was caught in a fight after trying to save a turtle from being beaten at Daytona Beach.  The disabled man saw two men and one teenager picking up and dropping a turtle onto its shell while he was walking down the street.  After asking the men to stop and attempting to send the creature back to the water, the man found himself in a street fight.

The three men started hitting and kicking the veteran.  While he did try his best to defend himself, the men only stopped when a crowd began to develop and the men were forced to run away.  Fortunately the police caught the men before they got away, and now the two adults are being held at Volusia County Jail and the teen is in a juvenile detention center.  Their bail is set at $15,000.    

Child dies in Turkey car bombing (2/17)

The Yenisafak in Viransehir, Turkey attacked a government building, Friday in a massive car bombing.  The pro-government group went against their beliefs in authority with the attacks and killed many people including a three year old child.  The group’s main target was government officials and the extra casualty was not on their agenda.

The group has been planning the attack for a while and when their plan went into action their attempts were successful.  Along with the young child, the group killed prosecutors and judges housed in the building.  These officials, were their original target.  This attack pairs with several other offenses that had occurred over the last few years in the Viransehir area.      

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