Summer commences while terror continues

Ashton Long and Kyle Soto

As graduated seniors prepare for their lives after high school and students and teachers leave school for the summer, The Prowler brings the weekly news one more time for the 2016-2017 school year. The week began with a devastating attack in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert and continued with new information on Russia being revealed. For the last time this school year, The Prowler has the news.

At least 22 dead in explosion at Ariana Grande concert in U.K.; terror suspected (5/22)

The week began with a terror attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England. The act of terror is said to have been done by a suicide bomber. The explosion killed at least 22 people and sent thousands into a desperate panic to escape the Manchester Arena. According to reports, there were at least 50 other people injured. Photos have revealed large numbers of ambulances and paramedics surged onto the scene. Ariana Grande was not injured.

The Greater Manchester Police Department announced the incident will be treated as a terror attack until evidence can prove otherwise. Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed her sympathies to the victims and their families, saying the incident is being treated as an act of terrorism. The attack on Manchester has been compared to the attacks on Paris in November 2015, where 130 people died. The Manchester bombing has prompted the U.S. to heighten security and monitor the devastating situation.

Russia may be aiding Taliban in Afghanistan, top U.S. general says (5/23)

A U.S.general based in Europe has informed European lawmakers he has acquired evidence of Russia supplying the Taliban to assist them in turning the tide against the United States. General Scaparrotti has not yet specified what the Russians may potentially be supplying to the Taliban.

Pentagon officials indicated Moscow had only been influencing the Taliban until now. Reports have also stated that Iran and Pakistan have assisted the Taliban.

Due to this most recent development, 300 Marines will be returning in the spring to relieve an Army unit, marking the first time Marines have been deployed to Helmand since 2014. Ever since the departure of foreign NATO combat troops, many have questioned the Afghanistan security forces ability to withstand the Taliban fighters.

Guardian reporter allegedly body-slammed (5/24)

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate running for the Special House election in Montana, reportedly body slammed Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian, out of excitement from closing the gap in the race. Apart from the question of if Jacobs will press charges, people are worried that the incident will affect the voters.

In other years something like this would alter the race, but since Donald Trump started accusing the media of lying, voters have been unpredictable. Since many of the voters who will vote on Thursday may not have heard about the incident, the election is completely up in the air for which way the voters will swing.

U.S. Supreme Court issues temporary stay in Alabama execution (5/25)

A death row inmate in Alabama will be executed early Friday morning after seven prior postponements. The inmate, Tommy Arthur, age 75, was nicknamed “Houdini” because the executions were called off multiple times. It took many lethal injection delays until his execution was confirmed. He was supposed to receive the lethal injection earlier until it was overturned because of his heart condition combined with the drugs could cause him physical pain during the execution.

Arthur was sentenced to lethal injection after he shot his lover’s husband and her sister-in-law in the right eye. The criminal’s lover, Judy Wicker, initially told authorities “that a burglar wearing a wig raped her and killed her husband” and then later testified she paid Arthur to kill her husband. After a lengthy trial that started with Arthur pleading not guilty in 1982, a final verdict was rendered in 1991 where the accused received the death penalty.

Gunmen kill at least 28 Coptic Christians in central Egypt (5/26)

Gun shots rang early on Friday morning in Central Egypt where 28 Christians were killed on a bus. No one has taken responsibility for this latest attack on the country’s minority, but the Islamic State has taken credit for previous attacks against the Coptic Christians. The shooting took place on the eve of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, a common time for militant factions to increase attacks.

The attack took place in the Minya region, approximately 150 miles south of Cairo. This incident highlighted the pressure on Egyptian forces as Islamist militants have gained more control over the country. This has caused Egypt’s tourism industry to plummet and has forced security measures to be heightened for tourists and Coptic Christians. Egypt’s president has called an emergency meeting in response to this latest attack.