Endings bring new beginnings

It has been a quiet week here at the Mill after the chaos of our snow days last week, especially this Thursday and Friday with many students off at Beta Club Convention. However, outside of the building, this is not the case. With the government shutdown coming to an end, a double murder in Toronto, and two school shootings, the Prowler has the news.

Government shutdown approaches the end (1/22)

It’s been three days since the US government shut down due to the ongoing dispute between the Democrats and Republicans on how to handle undocumented immigrants. Now, a compromise has finally been made which will end the shutdown for two weeks. The government first shut down Saturday at midnight after the Republican Party could not persuade Democratic votes in the Senate to prevent the closure. It has since continued, affecting the lives of thousands of people who rely on government pay.

As of Monday afternoon, the parties decided on a compromise that temporarily ends the shutdown. Democratic Senators have agreed to vote for the government’s reopening and funding in exchange for more leniency from the Republicans when dealing with undocumented immigrants. The Republicans have agreed to these terms and plan to vote to end the shutdown until Feb. 8. The final decision, however, will be made by President Trump, whose signature is needed to officially end the closure.

Two school shootings in two days (1/23)

At 7:59 a.m. this morning, a fifteen-year-old high school student entered Marshall County High School with a handgun and proceeded to shoot students and staff members. Two fifteen-year-old students have died since the shooting, one in the school and one in the hospital. Seventeen other people were injured in some way. The shooter was arrested and will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

Marshall County High School is located in Benton, Ky., about 200 miles southwest of Louisville. The population of Marshall County is around 31,000 people. This tragedy is not the only school shooting to occur this week. On Monday, a student in Italy, Texas, was shot by a classmate at school. The victim is alive and recovering. Both shootings are pending investigation.

Teen’s suicide blamed on two cyberbullying peers (1/24)

On Tuesday, Gabriella Green, a twelve-year-old girl from Florida, was found unresponsive in her home after hanging herself. After some investigation, it was discovered that she had been cyberbullied by two unnamed minors prior to the incident. The female and male minor, both the same age as Gabriella, were charged with cyberstalking and brought in for questioning.

The accused female admitted that she had intentionally tried to create drama between Green and another peer, and had spread derogatory rumors about her. She had also threatened to “expose” personal aspects of Green’s home life. The accused male claimed that during a videochat with Green, where she was talking to him about committing suicide, he had told her, “If you’re going to do it, just do it,” and hung up. Officers are not considering cyberbullying as the sole reason for Green’s death, but are acknowledging that it was going on beforehand.

President Trump proposes new path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants (1/25)

Today, the White House ruled out a new immigration plan, which includes a path to citizenship for 1.8 “Dreamers,” as well as $25 billion in border security. More details are expected next week. This proposal signifies a reversal for President Trump, who has been notoriously outspoken on undocumented immigrants.

Legal status would be removed for criminal activity and security threats, with eventual citizenship requiring currently unknown work and education requirements. The plan would restrict family-based immigration to spouses and minor children, eliminating former provisions allowing parents, adult children, and others to enter the country.

Double murder in Toronto (1/26)

After six weeks of of gathering evidence, the Toronto police have finally deduced that the deaths of billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman, founder of Apotex, were part of a double homicide. The cause of deaths, according to investigators, were “ligature neck compressions.” The bodies have been missing since Dec. 13, and were found two days ago.

The police and investigators are not certain on the perpetrator, and there did not appear to be a forced entry. According to the Sherman’s family, “[the attack] was anticipated.” There have been some difficulties in collecting evidence due to the confidential disposition of Apotex, Inc. Nevertheless, Toronto authorities are working to bring justice to the deceased billionaires.