Headlines hit home on homecoming week

James Hindy and Grace Maneein

Ranging from prison breaks in the halls and break dancing in the rotunda to shaved heads, it seems Peachtree City has been held hostage by teenagers. Although this may sound like a riot, the reality is that it is just homecoming week at Starr’s Mill. With new themes every day, students embraced the opportunity to dress as their favorite characters, decades, and people. While this may create a lot of entertainment as it is, it’s also important for students to not forget about the world outside the Mill’s concrete walls. With a brutal murder in Nigeria, multiple carjackings, and a natural disaster affecting the eastern half of the country, The Prowler has the stories.

Kidnapped International Red Cross aid worker killed in Nigeria

After being kidnapped in March of 2018 along with other International Committee of the Red Cross members, 25-year-old Saifura Hussaini Ahmed Khorsa, a worker for the ICRC, was murdered. Khorsa and two others were kidnapped in a military raid led by Boko Haram soldiers that left three workers dead and three injured.

“Saifura moved to Rann to selflessly help those in need. Our thoughts are with her family and other loved ones at this incredibly difficult time,”  Eloi Fillion, leader of ICRC delegation in Abuja, said. Although Khorsa is not coming home, the ICRC still has hope for the other two workers kidnapped in the Boko Haram attack. “We urge those still holding our colleague Hauwa and Alice: release these women. Like Saifura, they are not part of the fight. They are a midwife and a nurse. They are daughters, a wife, and a mother — women with families that depend on them,” Fillion said.

Although the ICRC has stayed strong with members numbering 3,000 in northeast Nigeria, the situation with the Boko Haram has only worsened. Now with a reported threat upon the lives of the two remaining ICRC workers and a schoolgirl that refused to denounce her Christian faith, the government continues to avoid confrontation.  

Wanted carjacking criminal was arrested after trying to escape law enforcement

Azoumana Diarra, a man wanted in Clarkston for the carjacking of three vehicles, was finally caught and put under arrest. He was found by Dekalb County deputies who say he made an effort to flee law enforcement.

Diarra attempted to escape on foot from the deputies but failed to outrun the law. The deputies were able to catch him and detain him in their pursuit on Memorial Drive and Rays Road.

Diarra hijacked three vehicles between August 29 and 30 and assaulted one of his victims. In addition to the crime of hijacking a motor vehicle, Diarra now faces the charges of attempting to elude police, aggravated assault, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor because of the age of his accomplice in crime.

Post- Florence conditions destroying communities, homes, and lives in North Carolina

Although the eye of hurricane Florence has already passed through North Carolina, the coastal state has yet to see the end of destruction. While no more rain is predicted to fall from the hurricane in the Carolinas, the 36 inches of water brought on by the storm will continue to wreak havoc.

While rain is inevitable, large amounts can lead to disaster. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper says 16 rivers in the state are causing major flooding issues while three more rivers  have water levels continuing to climb closer to their brim each day. In addition to this epidemic that is destroying homes and turning towns to lakes, the rising water is only the beginning of the terror Florence has unleashed.

Because such an abundance of water has engulfed North Carolina, all of its residents have to worry about the potential dangers of pollution. The water has flooded land ranging from hog lagoons, pits made to store animal waste, to coal burning power plants. s

Kanavaugh’s prosecution, could push us one step closer to liberal totalitarianism

After Kanavaugh was vetted six times, a rape allegation cropped up, made by an accuser who can’t remember either the time or place of the incident. Kanavaugh’s integrity has gone to shreds as angry mobs have taken over the internet in protest of the mere consideration of him being a supreme court justice.

But something to take note of is the fact that all these liberal accusations are only occurring when the nominee is for a Republican in high court, reminiscent of the Regan era. This is because their cultural victories are all democratically illegitimate, with none of them being won by vote. Including abortion and gay marriage, liberals fear that their influence will die with the introduction of a conservative court justice.

Liberal totalitarianism, however, is not a light matter. Kanavaugh has no way of clearing his name, and the mere existence of the accusation has the potential of getting his nomination taken away. If the Democrats succeed, this will be a major blow to our democratic government, and this can possibly make way for a liberal totalitarianism.

Hit and run culprit of Christopher Jordan Babilonia has been detained

Elaine Marie Montelongo has been arrested for her involvement in a fatal accident that killed McIntosh High School student Christopher Jordan Babilonia. The arrest was made Monday with Montelongo facing the charge of hit and run.

Babilonia’s body was found Sept. 13 at about 11:20 p.m. on Highway 74 with injuries concluding that he had been struck by a car. Babilonia was then rushed to Fayette Piedmont Hospital in hopes of survival. However, Babilonia was declared deceased upon arrival.

According to 11Alive, 24-year-old Montelongo was driving a friend’s 2002 Ford Focus when she hit Babilonia. After her arrest, Montelongo was unable to receive bail because of her current state of being homeless and her history of fleeing the law. Although there are is still some details regarding the Sept. 13 incident that law enforcement is still uncertain about, it is certain that Montelongo will be charged with killing 17-year-old Babilonia.