Special week in news

This week was a special week for people all around the world. Monday was 11/11, a day that is full of wishes for people throughout the world. Additionally, Veteran’s Day was also celebrated on Monday for the United States. Throughout the rest of the week, people celebrated Pickle Day and National Peace Day. With a new city extension, two boys sucked through a tube, and an impeachment, The Prowler has the stories.  

Fayetteville City Council votes on City Extension (11/11)  

On Nov. 7, the Fayetteville City Council approved the decision to allow a one year extension of a memorandum of understanding with commercial refrigeration and cold storage firm Cool Runnings International. The headquarters is planned to be off of Georgia Highway 85 North.  

Back in October Downtown Development Director Brian Wismer wrote in a letter that the original completion date for construction was planned for Dec. 31, 2019. At the beginning of November staff from Cool Runnings sent out a request to extend the date to Dec. 31, 2020, due to delays to business related growth.   

CRI currently has a location on Crosstown Drive in Peachtree City but the location in Fayetteville will serve as CRI’s corporate headquarters. CRI purchased their Fayetteville property was purchased from Lester Family Limited Partnership.

Boys sucked through tube (11/12)

In Lincolnshire, England, on the way home from school, two 12-year-old boys fell into a brook and were sent through a pipe. The boys could not see what was beneath the water that they were stepping due to the recent flooding in the area. They thought that they were stepping into a couple of inches of water. 

The boys became fully submerged by the water they had stepped in and were sent all the way through the pipe and thrown out the other end. They were unharmed by the accident, but the experience has left the boys in shock and has reminded them how lucky they truly are. 

When discussing the event with their parents, the boys broke down crying. The parents of one of the boys is calling for the pipe to be blocked off so that another incident like this will not happen again. 

Court date set for the murder of Alexis Crawford (11/13)

 Law enforcement officials have been able to confirm that 21-year-old Clark Atlanta student Alexis Crawford was murdered on Oct. 31 after Barron Brantly turned himself in last Friday. Brantly, with the help of his girlfriend Jordyn Jones, strangled and smothered Crawford to death with a plastic bag early that morning.

This is not the first case pertaining to Crawford and her two friends. Not even a week prior to her death, Crawford reported to the police that Brantly had assaulted her under the influence of alcohol. After Crawford mader her allegation, Jones refused to speak with her leading up to the  night of Oct. 30. When they were both finally communicating again they agreed to go pick up alcohol, but when they got back to the apartment, a fight broke out and Crawford ended up in a plastic bin in the woods before the night was through.

Both Jones and Brantly have been apprehended and held without bond. Both are being charged with felony murder and will make their next appearance in court on Nov. 22. 

Shooter pulls gun in Southern California school (11/14) 

Before school started in a Southern California school, a student pulled a gun from his backpack and shot his fellow students. He shot a total of five students, and pulled the gun on himself. Two of the victims are dead and the rest, including the shooter, are in critical condition.

Since the shooting happened before classes started, many students ran outside instead of following the preset safety protocols. Many ran out of the building to text family and friends. One student was injured while running out of the school.

Officers are going to continue to search for reasons why this happened. The shooters social media profiles had been taken down after the shooting. In the past 46 weeks, there have been 44 school shootings.

Former US Ambassador testified for President Donald Trump’s impeachment (11/15)

This morning the previously replaced US ambassador for Ukraine testified on Capitol Hill to the House Intelligence Committee in an effort to further press for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Marie Yovanovitch, who was reportedly removed from office by Trump on May 20, claimed to have been taken out of office because of “false claims.”

After battling corruption in Ukraine for years and claiming that she and other ambassadors have demonstrably made ties better for the United States and its surrounding countries, Trump decided to kick her out of office because “everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad,” Trump said. “She started off in Somalia, how did that go?”

The debate now is whether Trump has committed witness intimidation by tweeting this remark, or if he was just exercising his right of opinion.