News to eat waffles with

Starr’s Mill students have had the opportunity to enjoy the brand new Waffle House this week. With its opening last Thursday, students can be found before and after school enjoying a waffle and coffee at the new location. In addition to this new and exciting restaurant, the headlines are always new and exciting. With the retirement of a superintendent, a bouncer in holding, a Democratic debate, a duck army, and a zipped-up boyfriend, The Prowler has the stories. 

 Fayette County School Superintendent announces retirement  (2/24)

Jody Barrow, the Fayette County School Superintendent, announced on Monday at the county board meeting that he will be retiring. Barrow has served as superintendent position since 2013 and has been an educator for the past 40 years. 

Barrow offered several remarks at the board meeting and reminisced on his career. Barrow has worked in six different school districts prior to Fayette County and claims that these experiences have helped him throughout his career as an educator.

Spokesman Melinda Berry-Dreisbach stated that the search for the new superintendent will begin immediately. Barrow is set to retire on June 30 and has plans to continue residing in Fayette County. Until then, Barrow will continue to serve his duties as superintendent.

Bouncer detained for assault in Roswell (2/25)

Law enforcement has released to the public that a club bouncer in Roswell, Georgia, has been detained for getting out of hand and brutally assaulting a defiant customer. The assault took place off Holcomb Bridge Road at a Mexican restaurant called La Parranda.

Vander Borjes Jr., the bouncer turned assailant, reportedly got into a physical altercation with the unidentified customer. Borjes ended up using his flashlight to bash the man’s teeth out. As a result, the unnamed victim was sent to the hospital.

It is still unclear as to why Woodstock resident Borjes attacked the clubgoer, but it is apparent that he will face an aggravated battery charge in addition to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold. Borjes now sits in a cell and will remain there without bond. 

Presidential Democratic debate headlines in South Carolina (2/26)

On Tuesday evening, seven of the eight Democratic candidates faced off in their tenth debate in their race for the presidential nomination. Despite many of the candidates talking over and attacking each other, there are some takeaways that impact the candidates.

The first takeaway deals with front-runner Senator Bernie Sanders. Though there were not any clear cut winners, one can assume that Sanders is still in the top spot. This debate was also significant for former Vice President Joe Biden. After placing third or fouth in the past elections and being a big name in South Carolina, it was important for Biden to sell his case on why Democratic voters should vote for him. 

With Super Tuesday on March 3, Tuesday’s debate was all of the candidates’ last chance to convince voters to vote for their favorite person. 

China uses ducks to fight locust (2/27)

Pakistan, and the surrounding countries, have had a locust problem for years. Scientists believe this problem is due to the cyclone system two years ago, which brought swarms of the bugs that have been stealing food. To solve the problem, the Chinese government may have come up with a solution.

The Chinese government plans to deploy around 100,000 ducks to neighboring Pakistan. Ducks are known to devour locusts and have a long-standing appetite for them. Some scientists believe that these ducks will be considered as “biological warfare.” The ducks are predicted to eat around 200 locusts per day. 

Ducks are the ideal bird for this job due to the size of their groups. Chickens would have been a good option but they only eat about 70 locusts per day and they do not travel in big flocks. The UN in January called for international help for this locust crisis, and China’s ducks might be able to help.

Florida woman zips boyfriend in suitcase (2/28)

Sarah Boone called police to inform them that her boyfriend got trapped in a suitcase during a deathly game of hide-and-seek. The couple had been drinking on a Sunday night in their Winter Park apartment. Boone told Orange County Police that it would be funny to hide Jorge Torres Jr, the boyfriend, in a suitcase. 

Boone zipped him in the suitcase with a few of his fingers sticking out, so she assumed Torres could open it. She went upstairs to bed, thinking he would join her. Monday morning, Boone walked downstairs to see him still in the suitcase and dead. Boone was arrested on Tuesday for second degree murder. 

It may have not been an accident. iPhone footage shows her mocking Torres while he was crying for help. Borres claimed that this was his punishment for cheating on her, and the video depicts Torres desperately trying to escape. The police arrived at the scene Monday afternoon to find Torres’ body with a black eye and a bloodied lip, suggesting deliberate murder.