Autumn breeze and KICs

Starr’s Mill has officially reached the end of fall break, and students begin the next nine weeks. Temperatures are set to fall, and homecoming and Halloween are fast approaching. For the time being, put down that pumpkin latte and check out information on the rising climate crisis, a Chicago rapper’s murder, and a UGA student dying of Covid.

October 13 – Climate crisis looms in the United Kingdom

Flooding in the UK has gotten increasingly worse over the years, and a large contributing factor to this is climate change. Last summer alone, over 200 people were killed due to this in western Europe.

The detrimental effects of climate change are rapidly getting worse and worse for those who live in the UK. Scientists have estimated that London’s sea level is expected to rise upwards of nine inches by 2050, and up to 18 inches by 2080.A study done by the World Weather Attribution initiative has found that such extreme weather events can be made up to nine times more likely to occur as a result of climate change.

The Agency has warned the public and large water companies that they will need to prepare for upcoming water shortages if they are not ready, and they are actively trying to attract private funding into flood defenses. Along with this, more needs to be done to restore natural ecosystems that can absorb carbon dioxide along with hold back rainwater. Based on the events happening in the UK, many fear what may befall the world.

October 14 – Chicago Rapper involved in murder 

Chicago rapper FBG Duck, age 26, was killed in a shooting at an upscale community of Gold Coast. According to the police, FBG Duck was shot in the chest, groin, and neck.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office reported that five men were involved in the shooting. The group of people that killed FBG Duck were a part of the O-block street gang. Five of the gang members are now in custody. 

According to prosecutors, the minimum sentence would be life in prison and maximum sentence would be death penalty. 

October 15 – UGA student died of COVID

UGA student Shawn Kuhn died of Covid even after having the vaccine. He died after having pneumonia for six weeks due to the virus.

He was a personal trainer and worked at the local Chick-fil-A in Athens, Georgia. His sister, Sharla Brook Kuhn, was the one that confirmed he had the vaccination. The family would not give any other information on pre-existing medical problems he may have had. 

Shawn Kuhns death was very rare. The Georgia Health Department reported that only .01 percent of people have died even after receiving the vaccine. Around 10,710 people have died of Covid without the vaccine as of January 2, 2021.