Gaming up for KICs

Panthers, it has been a pretty uneventful week at Starr’s Mill, but tomorrow night we have an away game against Trinity Christian school at 7:30 p.m. So while you are getting all dressed up for the game, take a look at these KICs. This week we have Italy naming a new prime minister, Hurricane Ian, a newborn found in a creek, and Biden and Harris attending Justice Brown Jackson’s investiture. 

September 26 – Italy’s best prime minister since WWII 

Giorgia Meloni has won Italy’s federal election. Meloni will be the first female prime minister Italy has ever had, and she is predicted to be one of the best right-wing leaders since World War II. 

This will impact not only Italy but also the rest of Europe, considering Italy is the third biggest economy on the European continent. During Meloni’s speech after the vote, she said that she will not betray others’ trust. 

Italy’s people have voted for Meloni to become the next prime minister in Italy. Her greatest rival on the left wing is Enrico Letta. Letta knows that Italy will have a great new prime minister. 

September 27 – Hurricane Ian about to make landfall in Florida

What was a tropical storm has turned into a Category 3 hurricane overnight. Hurricane Ian has already hit northern Cuba and is expected to hit west Florida next with winds up to 100 mph.

With a population of 3 million, a mass evacuation has been advised for Florida. Residents are boarding up their windows with wood and loading sandbags to help prevent flooding. Footage from stores across Florida shows residents already stocking up with supplies. 

The hurricane has grown so big, it now has a diameter of 500 miles. After barreling through the Tampa Bay area, Hurricane Ian is expected to die down to a tropical depression before moving north along the Georgia coast. 

September 28 – Newborn found in creek 

A newborn was found dead in a north Georgia creek on Tuesday afternoon. The Catoosa Sheriff’s office found a lifeless and underdeveloped infant at the Graysville canoe launch. 

The child was found face down with its umbilical cord and placenta. The sheriff’s office has asked the public to be on the lookout for a vehicle near the area where the infant was found, as well as a woman who was pregnant and is now without a child.

It is still unclear on how the infant got there, but the authorities are certain that someone had brought it there earlier that day. The infant has been sent for an autopsy.

September 29 – Biden and Harris to join Jackson at ceremonial investiture

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their spouses will be in attendance at Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson’s ceremonial investiture. Jackson is the first Black female justice in history and is the Supreme Court’s newest member. 

During Biden’s political campaign he had promised that he would nominate a Black woman into the Supreme Court, and so he did. The event was by invitation only and will be held on Friday. 

This moment in history started in April when the senate voted 53-47 in favor of Jackson taking the position. The vote included three Republicans supporting the decision.