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State-worthy KICs

This week has been one full of accomplishments for the Panthers. Not only is Starr’s Mill hosting football semifinals for the first time in school history, but the esports team made it to another round of their playoff and Musings earned a Superior rating from GSPA. A great week full of Panther achievements ends off with football semifinals against Perry High School. While you are getting ready to watch the football game, check out this week’s KICs. This week includes Taylor Swift honoring a deceased fan, three Palestinian boys shot in Vermont, results from missing Georgia boaters, inmates providing meals for seniors, and Governors DeSantis and Newsom debating. 

World – Taylor Swift honors deceased fan 

Ana Clara Benevides Machado attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Brazil. The weather reached 139 degrees and guests were not allowed to bring in water. There were many heat waves and fans began to pass out and get sick. 

On November 17, Ana Benevides passed away shortly after being transmitted to a nearby hospital in Sao Paulo. Later that night, Taylor Swift posted on social media about the passing of a fan and wanted to do something for the grieving family. Swift invited Ana’s family to her last performing concert of 2023 and gave them VIP passes. 

The family wore shirts with Ana’s face to remember her. Brazil is still investigating more in-depth to figure out what could have caused her death.

National – Three Palestinian boys shot in Vermont

Three college Palestinian boys were shot while walking in Burlington, Vermont, last Saturday. One of the three, Hisham Awartani, was shot in his spine and may never walk again. 

Awartani, age 20, is a junior at Brown University. Jason J. Eaton, age 48, is accused of shooting the three boys while walking by his apartment building Saturday night. Eaton was arrested Sunday and charged with three counts of attempted murder but has pleaded not guilty while investigators are trying to find out if the attack was done as an act fueled by hate.

The victims’ families believe that their sons were targeted and attacked for being Palestinian. Awartani’s mother is saying that he has the determination to get movement back but is also coming to terms with the long road ahead of him. 

State – Devastating result for missing Georgia boaters

On October 21, 2023, three Georgia male boaters were reported missing after they failed to return at their scheduled time. A week later, part of a fish bin from the boat was found on the coast of St. Augustine, Florida.

The Coast Guard started a search for the men, but called it off after finding nothing. Even then, the families managed to raise enough money to continue several other private searches, but this was also called off by their parents. They explained that this was one of the hardest things they ever had to do.

After days of no luck, the family cut off the searches but still have hope. One of the girlfriends of the missing has announced she is pregnant with his child and will forever love him.

Local – Inmates provide special meal for seniors

Inmates called the “Contraband” and local leaders paid their respect to the community by hosting a Christmas meal for seniors. This event was hosted on November 29-30 and was called “The Coweta County Senior Service holiday meal,” which lasted two days with over 650 seniors attending.

Music was also being performed at this event by the “Contraband.” Their warden explained that they practiced every day learning new songs. He also provided the instruments that they used. First responders and other state inmates attended as well.

This event brought the people of Coweta County together. Their warden explained that the “Contraband” have earned themselves the right to play only government-sponsored events outside the prison walls. 

Politics – Governors Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom duel in feisty debate

Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom battled it out on Thursday in Alpharetta, Georgia, in FOX News’ “The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate.” This debate lasted over 90 minutes and the Governors fired shots at one another frequently, discussing some hot topics that are sure to not be avoided.

The topics of the Biden administration, COVID-19 responses, and the migrant crisis dominated the debate, with the two governors agreeing on how to handle immigration. While DeSantis jabbed at Biden in a negative way, Newsom quickly fought back to defend the President. One of the most heated was the COVID-19 responses, as DeSantis argued that Newsom hurt the state of California by shutting down businesses, and Newsom reminded the audience of DeSantis shutting down schools, while his own were in private school. 

In September of 2022, Newsom proposed a debate with DeSantis on CNN. However, in June of 2023, Sean Hannity raised the idea again to Newsom and he agreed. This debate is quickly getting the title of being the most unorthodox debate of the 2024 presidential primary campaign by news outlets, and is having audiences looking forward to what might come later in future debates.

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