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Holly jolly KICs

Jenson Mahr

Happy holidays, Panthers! Well, at least, it will be after exams are finally over. But after those midterms, it will truly feel like the holidays. While you are dressing the tree and wrapping those presents, check out this week’s KICs. This week includes a green mamba in Tilburg, a new syndrome for newborns being discovered, a gang being convicted of murder in Coweta County, and post-war discussions about Gaza beginning.

World – Green mamba loose in Tilburg

In Tilburg, Netherlands, a highly venomous snake escaped its home and is on the loose. Local authorities have warned people to keep their distance from the green mamba ranging from six to six-and-a-half feet in length.

The mamba is known to prefer warm and dark spaces and is unlikely to leave the area and face the cold Dutch winter. The snake has been found in trees and preys on birds and small mammals. Even with its fast-acting venom, the snake rarely attacks humans.

In the unlikely event that the snake bites a person, they are urged to call emergency services immediately. Without medical attention, the bites are normally fatal.

National – Doctors find new syndrome in newborns

Recently doctors have found at least 10 newborns, possibly more than 12, that have been identified with a new syndrome that doctors think can be a cause of fentanyl in the womb. All the infants that were thought to have the new syndrome had significant birth defects consisting of a cleft palate and unusually small heads. 

All of the mothers have admitted to using street drugs while pregnant. They all said they had partially used fentanyl while pregnant. Six cases were found in Delaware, two in California, and one in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In addition to the small heads and cleft palate, the infants have been found with small bodies, drooping eyelids, upturned nose, undersized lower jaw, and webbed toes. 

All of the infants tested positive to fentanyl exposure but the doctor cannot be sure how much fentanyl has made it through her system. Although fentanyl is the leading cause, doctors are not positive if these things are linked. Doctors will be counting testing to see if fentanyl is the cause or if it is something else causing this new syndrome. 

State – Chick-fil-A worker hit by car

A Chick-fil-A restaurant shut down after one of their employees was hit by a car in the drive thru lane. The incident happened Monday night in Dublin, Georgia.

An ambulance was quickly sent to the location as the woman was reportedly injured. Mahailey Donaldson, age 17, was transported to the hospital where she was treated. Donaldson was reportedly pinned between two cars that sustained moderate damage. A third car sustained minor damage. 

The employee is expected to be okay. “Please send your prayers to our team and the injured team member for a quick recovery,” the business wrote.

Local – ‘Ghostface Gangsters’ convicted for 2020 murder in Coweta County

On December 4 and 5, five members of a gang, named the Ghostface Gangsters, were sentenced for the 2020 murder of a Coweta County teen. The members were sentenced in Coweta County Superior Court after negotiating multiple plea deals, with all five pleading guilty on various charges.

Haley Adams, age 14, was attacked at 9 p.m., led by one of the members who had a personal vendetta against her. They were armed with an AK-47-style rifle and multiple handguns, and were planning on stealing more guns that they believed were in the house. Adams later emerged from her room, where she hid as the gunmen left, and chased them with a BB pistol, causing one of the members to fire back and shoot her in the back. She later died that night.

Justin Cayne Ramsey, who killed Adams, was sentenced to serve life in prison with the possibility of parole after at least 30 years. The other gang members were sentenced between 60 to 40 years, all with the possibility of parole after at least 35 years. All members later entered guilty pleas between 2022 and late November of 2023.

Politics – U.S. officials discussing post-war governance plans for Gaza

U.S. officials have been discussing the government plans of post-war Gaza with Palestinian authority and other U.S. allies. Our officials have said that they are hoping both Gaza and the West Bank will have a unified government to rule. 

Secretary of State Anthony Bilkwn is meeting with a delegation of Arab counterparts Friday afternoon, where Gaza after the Israeli offensive is expected to be the main discussion point. Muhmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, initially brought the idea of PA ruling but has since then changed that opinion. One senior administration official has said that there has been some consternation among the administration around the idea of the U.S. Arab allies’ reluctance about playing any role in the post-war international peacekeeping force.

The Biden administration has consistently advocated to have a two-state solution. Vice President Kamala Harris has also been in multiple meetings and calls with Arab leaders talking about post-conflict plans.

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