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Crescendo of KICs

Jenson Mahr

Happy Friday, Panthers! Hopefully you were able to go out and support our musical fine arts program this week at their LGPE and pre-LGPE concerts. After enjoying the wonderful music, make sure to check out this week’s KICs. This week includes humanitarian aid rejected by Israel, no more boating on a shrinking Lake Manly, a 16-year-old boy drowning at a state park, and details of Alabama’s rules related to IVF.

World – Humanitarian aid rejected by Israel, discussion of ceasefire to the war

Discussion of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is happening in the Cairo meeting of U.S., Egyptian, and Qatar mediators. Israel refuses to send representatives because Hamas has not agreed to terms for negotiation. Meanwhile, a source from Hamas says it supposedly wishes to terminate the war before releasing hostages. 

On Saturday, the U.S. made its first humanitarian airdrop into Gaza. This effort was criticized as ineffective by aid groups, especially since Israel inspects and rejects the aid on strict regulations. The Israeli war cabinet is currently in Washington D.C. for meetings with the U.S. vice president and secretary of state.

The aid drop in Gaza caused chaos in which the military shot into the crowds, killing at least 112 Palestinians, and injuring hundreds. The reason behind the open fire was supposedly to clear the trampling civilians.

National – No more boating on Lake Manly due to shrinking size

Last week, tourists flocked to Lake Manly located in Death Valley, California, to try and kayak through what is normally one of the driest places in the world. This was called an “extremely rare event” by the park service. 

Record amounts of rain from a number of storms formed Lake Manly over the course of around six months this year. What made the formation of the lake so rare was water in the basin usually evaporates faster than it flows and people are calling this a “once in a lifetime moment.” 

Lake Manly, which was formed by Hurricane Hilary, was thought to last a few more weeks. This lake is now too shallow to boat on and too far from the road so it is really hard to get a boat on the water. No vessels that travel on water are allowed on the water due to its continued shrinking.

State – 16-year-old boy drowns at Georgia state park

On a family camping trip at a Georgia state park a 16-year-old boy was reported missing. The young man was on a camping trip when he was reported missing. 

His body was found by a family walking over an overhead bridge. Authorities reported that the young man died by drowning while he was having a medical emergency. The young boy was fishing near the Chattahoochee National Forest. 

Authorities have not yet released any additional details about the incident. Authorities and reporters ask that people keep the young man’s family in their prayers. 

Politics – What Alabama’s IVF ruling includes 

A few weeks ago three couples in Alabama who were trying for in vitro fertilization lost their frozen embryos in a storage facility accident. The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the couple could sue the facility clinic and hospital for the death of a minor child. 

The judge reversed a previous court ruling that dismissed the wrongful death claim that the embryos were not a person or child, meaning the couples could sue and Alabama protects the “rights of unborn child.” Republican Senator Tim Melson plans to file legislation to protect IVF services in the state. However, legislation says that a fertilized egg has legal protections under the law after it has been implanted into the uterus, not before it has been implanted.

Three IVF clinics in the state paused IVF services during the ruling while others might adjust consent forms for patients. Many believe clinics in Alabama should still offer IVF, but should store the embryos in a different state.

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