Workplace inequalities taking unexpected turn


Abri Hausman

In the past, it was common place to prefer men for positions in STEM fields. Nowadays the trend has flipped where many businesses are preferring women more, but either way it is not equal.

Two people apply for a job as an engineer at an up and coming business. Their résumés are identical except for a small detail, one application is from a woman and one from a man. The woman is hired.

Throughout most of history women have been steered away from any career other than a housewife, and STEM fields would refuse to hire women, until now. The fairly recent trend of businesses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields is to hire a woman over a man.

This is a result of the radical feminist movement that makes up the majority of the feminist representation. Radical feminists usually believe that women are better than men, this belief has bled into the STEM fields that are so concerned with being inclusive that they are excluding the previously dominant gender.

This trend was put to the test in 2014 when a study was conducted by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. The study revealed that women are preferred for hiring twice as much as men are in STEM fields, except economics where there was no gender preference.   

Even though professionals are urging women to go into STEM fields, preferring to hire women over men is still not good. If men are preferred over women, it is called misogyny, and when women are preferred over men it is misandry, but both are sexist and not equal.  

In order for businesses to be completely equal they should stop looking at the applicant’s gender and focusing their attention to their skills and qualifications.