OPINION: Conversations are becoming less respectful


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In most daily conversations to even political debates there has been a lack of respect in the way people talk to one another. These conversations turn into unnecessary arguments benefiting no one.

When we converse, it’s natural to share our opinions. However, in our everyday conversations there has been a lack of respect.

We are not little kids, so why are such simple topics causing tension?

— Staff Writer Simone Bates

I’m not concerned over the use of slang, but instead how people can’t discuss topics without causing a debate. We are not little kids, so why are such simple topics causing tension?

This is a common occurrence that even happens in political debates. A political debate is supposed to be serious and help resolve dilemmas. Politicians start the debate wanting to resolve a problem but end up starting a new one instead. People turn on the news hoping to hear information but end up listening to trash-talking instead.

Republicans and Democrats both have strong beliefs that often clash with one another. The 2016 presidential election displayed this. But when it came to topics that are supposed to help our nation, the debates ended in senseless name-calling.

The importance of conversations are quickly forgotten. It is perfectly normal to disagree with someone, but the problem starts when people feel the need to attack someone else’s opinion. People often end up just turning off the television because watching the debates won’t benefit them. Even bringing up politics in conversations has been seen as taboo since the topic has become so controversial.

People turn on the news hoping to hear information but end up listening to trash-talking instead.

— Staff Writer Simone Bates

These ridiculous quarrels don’t just happen at a professional level. Someone could be sharing an opinion and others often get aggravated by it, resulting in an argument. Opposing someone’s opinion doesn’t have to result in an argument.

Over time television has worked its ways into our daily lives. Most of the time, people don’t realize how powerful television can be. The information one sees on television can quickly be discussed about the next day.

Television is one of the many ways where we get access to politics. The way we see people respond on television can affect our own opinions. Such as if someone sees a politician trash-talking on television it can influence them to act the same way. If politicians are able to express this behavior then the normal person feels okay expressing this same behavior.   

People shouldn’t be nervous if what they are about to say will start a volatile discourse. We should be attentive to others and make sure we are showing our best selves. It’s understandable that being content is not always possible, but showing respect is something that we must work on.

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