Opinion: Rittenhouse verdict proves importance of Second Amendment


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 4.0

Individual holds a sign in support of Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse, who received a verdict of not guilty, is proving the importance of the Second Amendment.

Kyle H. Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, was recently found not guilty of six charges stemming from the 2020 riots because of the verdict of Derek Chauvin in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The Black Lives Matter movement was having a protest due to the verdict. Derek Chauvin got 22 years but no life sentence for the death of George Floyd. Protesters wanted a harsher sentence. These protests quickly turned into a riot that lasted for three days. 

The Rittenhouse case is one of the greatest examples of why the Second Amendment was written. 

Rittenhouse was involved in this riot, although not in the conventional way. 

He had heard that things were turning violent from his dad who lived in Kenosha. Because of this, he drove to one of the sites of the riot. There he was strapped with an AR-15 and a fire extinguisher. Rittenhouse was also trained in medicine and emergency medical procedures, and was ready to use them just in case. 

Sometime during the night, Rittenhouse was attacked. This led him to shoot three of his attackers, killing two and wounding another. Rittenhouse, the hero, defended himself. This case is a great example of why the Second Amendment is important. 

Rittenhouse had a gun, was attacked, and if he did not have a gun he would have died.”

— Staff Writer Drew McCarthy

As anti-gun rhetoric grows, situations such as these provide a slap to the face of those who approve of that growth. Rittenhouse had a gun, was attacked, and if he did not have a gun he would have died. Therefore, guns save lives. It is a simple example that gets around some of the best arguments. 

Although celebration is needed for this constitutional victory, condolences are also needed. Rittenhouse was only 17, a kid, when he was forced to defend himself. In order to do that, he was forced to do something no one wants to do. It was apparent in the trial that he was mentally and emotionally affected by this. 

Rittenhouse deserves any respect he gets. Not only did he make a hard decision and defend his life at the cost of two others, he also killed a serial child sex offender. The other person he killed was also a habitual offender of domestic abuse. 

Rittenhouse is a hero. He should be seen as a beacon of freedom and an example for why the Second Amendment is one of the most important in the Constitution.

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