Mar a Lago raid shows proof of impending tyranny


Photo via Flickr (Trump White House Archived) under public domain

Donald Trump arrives at his Florida home, Mar a lago. The FBI has raided Mar a lago which is a tipping point of politication for how it treats cases differently between the two political parties.

Donald Trump, who has since become a private citizen, has faced a relentless assault from the media and the legislature. Even though he is no longer in power, the current leadership views him as a threat, targeting him by the executive-controlled judicial system to remove him as political competition once and for all.  

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided and occupied the home of Donald Trump. Their justification for doing so has been considered weak, and Trump’s lawyers could not monitor what the FBI was doing in his own house. Despite the warrant being exclusively for the collection of presidential documents, the FBI spent hours in Trump’s home, even going through the former first lady Melania Trump’s wardrobe

No, this is not a tale of the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet KGB. This is the disposition of the modern United States. The seed of totalitarianism has been planted. The tree of despotic fruit will soon grow. 

Nobody is safe from FBI overreach, not even a former president. Nothing like this has ever been done before in the history of the United States. This is a situation that would be expected of a fascist regime, not from a country that sees itself as the leader of the free world.

This FBI raid is a vile abuse of power. We are now in a world where political opposition is targeted by executive police. They are aimed at Trump in order to prevent them from democratically regaining power. If we lived in a democratic republic, anyone would be able to run without facing pressure from federal agencies. It is government-backed election interference.

The tree of despotic fruit will soon grow.”

— Staff Writer Ashton Lewandowski and Editor Drew McCarthy

The number one act of impending tyranny is exaggerating power. This abuse of it by the FBI, aimed at tarnishing a man undeserving of such aggression and then escaping repercussions through their federal protections, serves as a stark warning but also an example of extreme government corruption. It makes you wonder what other deficient and problematic ways the FBI is being used. 

This is not the first time the FBI has abused its power in this way, just the first time they have gone after such a big target.

Last year, Project Veritas owner James O’Keefe’s house was similarly raided due to once legally possessing the suspected diary of Biden’s daughter Ashley, which he had turned over to the police prior to the raid. 

More recently, former Trump aide Peter Narvarro was arrested by the FBI in such a manner that caused the judge overhearing Narvaro’s misdemeanor case to express concern

The FBI has been engaged with a series of corrupt activities in recent years. The FBI suggested to the Department of Justice that Hillary Clinton should face no criminal charges despite finding thousands of classified emails illegally stored on her private email servers, or refusing to treat credible foreign bribery evidence that is leaked to Hunter Biden as anything more than Russian misinformation.

The people have been reacting to these schemes with a stark decrease in public trust and approval. The raid on Trump’s home is the final straw for many voters, with Republicans promising revenge

If the FBI can get away with raiding the house of the strongest opposition leader in the country, what do you think they can do to you? Each step they take is a step closer to authoritarianism aimed at subverting America’s democracy.

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