Opinion: Animation is not just for kids


Photo via Flickr (Vancouver Film School) under Creative Commons license

Oscar-nominated animator Chris Bailey presents to students at the Vancouver Film School. Animated shows are no longer just for kids, offering a variety of options.

Imagine this: You wake up on a Saturday morning. School’s out, you got to sleep in, and you make the best bowl of cereal. You sit on the couch, bowl in hand, and start watching cartoons. 

There’s “Looney Tunes,” or if you’re into action, you can choose “Justice League.” Most people only see animation in flashbacks to times like this but animation has progressed and grown with its audience.

One of these shows is 2005’s “The Boondocks.” The show is a comedy about a middle-class black family in a suburban predominantly white neighborhood. 

The family, the Freemans, deal with interesting situations, such as rap beefs, problems with celebrities, and odd relatives. The style of animation is very anime-inspired, with big heads and eyes. 

The show offers a perspective into Black culture, racial stereotypes, and social classes. 

If you are a fan of drama shows, you do not have to look further than Netflix’s “Arcane.” “Arcane” follows two sisters, Jinx and Vi in their journeys on opposing sides of a brewing conflict. 

The show is connected to the game “League of Legends” and offers worldbuilding and new characters. 

“Arcane” has a 3D animation style. There are also many 2D elements in the series, such as backgrounds, smoke, and water. Plus, it include an emotional story about family and a dystopian society, offering mature viewers something to reflect on after finishing the series.

[A]nimation has progressed and grown with its audience.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

Fans of science fiction are not left out either. ”Inside Job” is a workplace comedy in the same vein as “The Office.” 

It revolves around Reagan Ridley, a robotics engineer who lives in a world where conspiracy theories are real. Ridley works at Cognito Inc., an organization made to cover up those conspiracies. 

The animation style is similar to that of “Rick and Morty,” but the team behind it has stylized it so it has its own flair. With rounder eyes and taller characters, “Inside Job” has its own style. 

The show might be a comedy but it also deals with themes of family, childhood trauma, and being an adult. “Inside Job” gives a heartfelt character journey while also being funny.

While animation can be used for kids, it can also be used to give adults engaging stories just like live action. 

No matter how old you are, grab a bowl of your favorite cereal, turn on the TV, and enjoy the wide variety of animated shows available.

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