Down the rabbit hole to Wonderland


Leslie Sawell (via @smhsthespians)

Erin Chasey, Celeste Bouillon, and Sydney Turnier (left to right) perform their parts on stage during the Region 3-AAAAA One Act competition. On Oct. 26, the Thespians competed at Whitewater High School where they placed third out of the five schools in Fayette County. McIntosh won the event.

Joslyn Weber, Staff Writer

Down the rabbit hole is the only way to Wonderland, but in Starr’s Mill Thespians One Act play of “Alice in Wonderland,” it felt like you were there yourself.

“Normally I choose dramatic shows for our One Act because those tend to do better and it’s an opportunity for the actors to grow,” director Savannah Silvas said. “This year they had been asking to do something a little bit more fun.”

During the competition on Oct. 26, Starr’s Mill placed third out of five other schools. McIntosh won the overall competition.

Starr’s Mill’s One Act performance of “Alice In Wonderland” was remarkable. The sets were detailed and the acting made thee characters entertaining and believable.

The performance may not have placed high enough to advance to the state competition, but they did win best set and best costumes.

The acting was exceptional, especially from the main characters, Scotty Hindy as the Cheshire Cat and Sydney Turnier as Alice. Some of the other actors, Celeste Bouillon as the Mad Hatter and Olivia Wernecke as the Queen of Hearts, added an expressive feel to the show and made it even more exceptional.

“In live theater, there’s going to be great moments here and then moments that lagged in others no matter where you’re at,” Silvas said.

The music included in the One Act added a whimsical factor that without it would have made it empty. The mood is uplifting and makes each scene fit and work well.

With all the factors of music, acting, and their intricate sets, one can see how it earned them third place. There weren’t many things they could have done better, as their act was already exceptional.

“It’s really hard to compare certain plays from others because it’s live theater so you never know what you’re going to get,” Silvas said.

From what I saw, the “Alice in Wonderland” One Act play performed by the Starr’s Mill Thespians was truly curiouser and curiouser in its delivery.

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