Opinion: Remaking video games necessary, create new life


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The cover arts for “Final Fantasy 7” and “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.” Video game remakes offer a new version of an old game to returning players and give new players a more accessible way to play.

Video game remakes are a constant in the industry. Publishers release them to critical acclaim and online discussion about changes from the original. 

[R]emakes breathe life into old games giving them a new audience.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

Many believe remakes are unnecessary and lazy, only used to fill out a release calendar, but remakes breathe life into old games giving them a new audience.

One of these remakes is 2019’s “Resident Evil 2.” Based on the original 1998 game, “Resident Evil 2” is a survival horror game that follows Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in their journey to escape a zombie-infested city. 

It makes quality-of-life updates to make the experience feel fresh. Replacing the original top-down camera, the remake established an over-the-shoulder camera, creating a more tense environment. Since you are physically closer to the characters, you feel the fear that they feel as they turn corners. This camera style fits better with the later games in the series. 

The game also has more realistic character models, making it feel like a playable movie. This builds the fear factor that the game is known for. The graphical update also helps with showing the emotions of the characters. 

For fans of RPGs, there is “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.” It tells the story of Cloud Strife and his group of friends fighting against the corporation Shinra. The game uses an action-based battle system instead of the original turn-based system. This makes players adapt to what is happening rather than planning out their strategy.

The game also acts as a reimagining of the original story. While the original goes through multiple towns and cities and is taking place there during Cloud’s journey, this version focuses on the city of Midgar and the effect of Shinra on the city. 

It has a bigger focus on the city’s inhabitants and how Shinra affects their lives. This version deviates from the original path of the game, with biking sequences and new areas of Midgar being accessible, giving old players a breath of fresh air.

The remake no longer has that problem as it has more item slots.

— Staff Writer Micah Freeman

Nintendo fans also have some remakes to choose from. “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” is an adventure game that was first released on the Game Boy in 1993. It revolves around Link on a quest to escape an island in the middle of the ocean. 

The game is faithful to the original. This helps keep the charm of the Game Boy version intact. New players can also experience the game without potentially missing content.

The remake also fixes a complaint with the original, the control scheme. Due to the original hardware, the original game had a problem where you were constantly in the menus to switch between the items. The remake no longer has that problem as it has more item slots. This small quality-of-life change makes this version worth playing.

Video game remakes are absolutely necessary for the industry. With them, games can reach out to new audiences who might have been too young to experience the original while giving returning players an upgraded version to play.

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