Creative Corner

The Butterfly That Lost its Glory

There once was a perfect and beautiful butterfly. His wings were powdery and soft, and as they flapped, gold flecks released into the atmosphere reflecting his richness and glory. The butterfly was very fond of his wings, as they were very precious to him. He took time each night caring for them, tenderly brushing out pollen and dust to ensure that they would be even more bright and glorious the next day. He loved sharing his beauty with the world. 

He loved sharing his beauty with the world. 

He enjoyed the attention he got as humans would be mesmerized as he fluttered past them. They would point their fingers and try to touch him, but he was quick. He easily landed in the trees among critters like squirrels and bluebirds.

Brown, teal, and orange were his defining wing colors, and they had a sheen coating which shedded as he flew past people he wanted to impress. He generously revealed himself to other people, kindly brightening their dreary days. He was never aware of the consequences which accompanied over-revealing himself to others. 

One early spring morning, a dreadful noise woke him. So he brushed off his wings and flew to see what the matter was. As he shedded his last flecks of gold to the world, he was unfortunately captured and pinned to a wall, so humans could look at his beauty permanently. 

He would never be free to fly again, as it was too late for him to escape his unfortunate captivity. 

He would never be able to release his true glory to the world again.