Celebrities pay beautiful tribute to Karl Lagerfeld


Doja Cat photo via Instagram (@metgalaofficial); Kylie Jenner photo via Instagram (@justjaredjr); Cardi B photo via Instagram (@fashionbombdaily)

Celebrities showed their appreciation and creativity at the 2023 Met Gala-themed ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty’ to honor fashion’s most notable fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld.

This past Monday was the “The First Monday in May” formally known as the Met Gala. This year’s theme was ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,’ to honor fashion’s most notable fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld who passed away in 2019. 

Lagerfeld was the Creative Director of Chanel from 1983 up until his death. Before Chanel, he worked at other fashion houses including Balmain, Patou, and Chloe. 

My predictions for the looks Monday night were the iconic Chanel Plaid, Black and White, and Karl Lagerfeld’s cat “Choupette” and the celebrities delivered just that. Literally. 

Starting off with the most iconic look of the night – Doja Cat dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat. Doja wore a custom Oscar Delarenta gown. Her makeup by FX makeup artist Malina Stearns resembled the face of a cat. I loved this look. I think it was on theme and gorgeous but also added humor to the look, which embodies Doja Cat very well. 

 Anne Hathaway blew me away. Anne has made a comeback with her fashion as the newest brand ambassador for Bulgari. To no surprise, Hathaway wore Versace. Although this was Versace, the dress embodied Chanel, with the pearls and plaid print, the dress honored Lagerfeld beautifully. 

[Cardi B] described the bottom as a tribute to the “Boy Bag” from Chanel and the top of the dress as paying a tribute to Lagerfeld.

— Staff Writer Shaila Bah

Another favorite look of mine is from none other than Cardi B. This is Cardi’s fourth Met Gala and once again she delivered. Cardi B wore a dress from Cheng Peng with a dramatic Camellia skirt. 

Cardi B explained her look to Lala Anthony during an interview on the carpet. She described the bottom as a tribute to the “Boy Bag” from Chanel and the top of the dress as paying a tribute to Lagerfeld. Her hair was a grey color with a black headband, a signature of Chanel runways. 

Onto my least favorite outfit of the night, Kylie Jenner. Kylie has not always been good at the Met Gala, which is disappointing because she has a lot of potential and access to good designers. 

Kylie Jenner wore a bright red gown by Haider Ackermann for Jean Paul Gaultier. The dress was underneath a silk sky-blue robe with red accents. I did not understand how this fit the theme at all. There are some people who ignore the theme and look nice but this was not one of those moments. This would have been great to go to the Grammys or Oscars, but for this event with a theme it was underwhelming and disappointing.

Naomi Campbell. One of the most notable and famous supermodels EVER disappointed me. Although her dress was vintage Chanel, I wanted to see more from Campbell. She was one of Karl’s very many muses, and I just wish she would have pulled something from her time on the Chanel runway. 

Campbell looked stunning even if the look was underwhelming. I loved the pink silk that was on the dress. If she had altered this in a way where it was different this would have wowed me a bit more. 

This dress did nothing for Wilde at all.

— Staff Writer Shaila Bah

My last least favorite look from the Met was Olivia Wilde. Wilde wore a Chloe gown inspired by a dress Lagerfeld designed in the 1980s for Chanel. Not only did I find this dress not flattering, another Met attendee Margaret Zhang wore the same exact dress but in a different color, which quite honestly looked better. 

This dress did nothing for Wilde at all. The gold accents matched her hair, which I find beautiful, but the boxy look on her body made this boring. The worst part about this was the design down her torso that resembled a guitar. 

Wilde could have put something more form-fitting and flowy to really make her entrance, especially after a bad year in the press, but she did not deliver.

I enjoyed everyone taking their own interpretation of Karl Lagerfeld’s work and making it their own and everyone honoring someone who really had a big impact on fashion for decades.