Thrilling finale to a beloved series


Shelby Foster

“Trust Me,” the epic finale of the “Find Me” series, follows Wicket Tate as she must figure out who she can trust before her opportunity for a future vanishes completely. Romily Bernard, the author of the “Find Me” series, will be in the Starrs Mill Media Center on Jan. 27 as part of this year’s Feed Your Need To Read Week events. She will discuss her books and answer questions during all three lunches.

Dana Gould, Staff Writer

Many book series tend to weaken after the first or second book, eventually leaving readers unsatisfied but Romily Bernard’s “Find Me” series is the exact opposite, as each book proves better than the last and keeps readers coming back for more. “Trust Me,” the third and final installment of the “Find Me” series, picks up exactly where the second book left off and provides fans with a mystifying conclusion to a great series.

Wicket Tate, a sarcastic teenage hacker, has spent her entire life working for people that want to use her talents for personal gain. It all started with her abusive father’s credit card scam business that developed into a business of her own, which eventually lead to her gathering intel for a corrupt police officer.

‘Trust Me,’ the third and final installment of the ‘Find Me’ series…provides fans with a mystifying conclusion to a great series.”

— Staff Writer Dana Gould

In the past, Wick has sacrificed her happiness, reputation, and even relationships to protect her friends and family at all costs. Wick’s life has never really been her own as she has always done whatever it takes to protect her loved ones. After helping solve the murder case of a local girl, Wick finally secures the freedom she so desperately desired, eventually becoming the person everyone wants her to be.

Soon after acquiring her newfound freedom, a man that Wick suspects of wanting to misuse her hacking skills shows up at her home and convinces her foster mom, Bren, that the only way for to recover from past hacking jobs is to send Wick away for a while. The perfect place for Wick happens to be at  Looking Glass, a school that specializes in further developing computer skills and creating futures for hackers that have been led astray. To Bren, Looking Glass sounds like the perfect solution to a complex problem, but to Wick it sounds more like an easy way to get rid of her.

Once enrolled at Looking Glass, Wick quickly discovers that nothing is as it seems, and the institution feels more like a prison than a place for healing. Wick realizes that in order to get to the bottom of the strange feeling she has about Looking Glass she will need allies, the only problem is who. Even though everyone keeps telling her to trust them, Wick cannot bring herself to trust anyone but herself. Everyone in the foreign place has secrets and Wick must figure out what they are before her future disappears before her very eyes.

This novel contains the same beautiful writing and intense plot as the first two books in the series while also giving it a mind of its own. “Trust Me” contains twists at every corner that are as unpredictable as the characters themselves. Because of the lack of foreshadowing and cliches, the reader cannot determine the ending based on the first couple chapters which provides a sense of suspense and jaw-dropping revelations.

“Trust Me” is the thrilling conclusion to a wonderful, action-packed series that showcases Romily Bernard at her finest.

Aside from the fiery plot, this novel contains all the same characters fans of this series have loved since their appearance in “Find Me” or “Remember Me”. There’s Milo, Wick’s new hacker boyfriend, Griff, Wick’s ex-hacker boyfriend, Michael, the evil father, Bren, the kind, stressed out foster parent, Lily, Wick’s younger sister, and the clever protagonist herself. Each character is well-developed with defining characteristics that make them relatable and more life-like.

This story gives readers one last epic mystery with Wick and other beloved characters as a small look into what their futures hold. This is definitely a worthwhile read for people that have enjoyed the first two books of this series. Anyone interested in modern mysteries and action-packed adventures should look into this series. Trust me.

People who enjoyed Romily Bernard’s “Find Me” series should attend the Feed Your Need to Read Week event during all three lunches on Jan. 27 in the Starr’s Mill High School Media Center for the opportunity to meet the author in person.