Fantasy novel blows readers right out of the water


Shelby Foster

“Song of the Current” is an exhilarating fantasy novel that follows Caroline Oresteia on her journey through the Riverlands to discover her destiny and save her father. This book is a part of Uppercase box, a program that sends members a new, hardcover young adult novel each month.

Dana Gould, A&E co-Editor

Eye-opening fantasy novels capture the essence of a foreign new world, well-developed characters, and an extraordinary plot. “Song of the Current” embraces each of these characteristics while also providing readers with nostalgia for the classic fantasy novel entwined with seemingly factual mythology.

Caro has waited her entire life to hear the voice of the river god and capture her fate. ”

— A&E co-Editor Dana Gould

Caroline Oresteia, the daughter of a wherryman, has been surrounded by water and tales of the river her entire life. Her family, for generations, has been blessed with the power to hear the river god and accept his aid in navigating the Riverlands. Caro has waited her entire life to hear the voice of the river god and capture her fate. There is a chance she never will.

After Caro’s father is arrested for smuggling guns, she is the only one that can rescue him from prison. Tired of waiting for fate, Caro embarks on a daunting journey across the Riverlands to deliver a mysterious package in an attempt to save her father. At first, Caro is excited by her new freedom and responsibility. Her enthusiasm soon wavers as she discovers the dreaded Black Dogs, a band of pirates, are after the package she carries and will do whatever necessary to capture it.

Caro continues on her quest to deliver the strange package while becoming entangled in a world of politics, lies, and dark magic completely unfamiliar to her. She must learn to navigate the clear waters for herself while also attempting to find her destiny before it slips between her fingers.

This carefully crafted storyline and interesting mix of relatable characters bring the novel to life in a way that is nearly impossible to set down.

“Song of the Current” is a worthwhile read that is perfect for fantasy fans and pirate enthusiasts. ”

— A&E co-Editor Dana Gould

The characters are well-developed and extremely secretive which allows the reader to see each of the characters in many different perspectives and settings as they continue their adventure through the Riverlands. As well as giving readers a taste of the classic fantasy novel through many common characteristics, this book focuses largely on the many cultures present in this world, exposing readers to a variety of different traditions based on social status.

There are a few minor sections in the book that could have been better organized such as a more in depth exposition to fully set up the book and reduce confusion quickly. The beginning of the book is also slow-paced as there is little action in the beginning followed by a great deal of sailor jargon.

Overall, “Song of the Current” is a worthwhile read that is perfect for fantasy fans and pirate enthusiasts. Though the beginning of this book may be deceiving Caro’s journey is an action-packed, adventure through the Riverlands on an epic quest to save her father and find her destiny.

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