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“Sophie’s Heart”


Emily Davis

“Sophie’s Heart” follows an immigrant as she begins working for a widow’s family. She helps this family heal from their wife and mother’s death and find God’s grace once again.

Cetera Plagmann, Staff Writer

Healthcare sciences teacher Julie McKenna read “Sophie’s Heart” this summer.

“It’s something that could’ve really happened to somebody, even though it was a fictional story,” McKenna said. “It was nice to see the hard times but also see how they got through the hard times and got to the other side.”

“Sophie’s Heart” is a Christian fiction novel that follows Sophie, an immigrant from Czechoslovakia, as she navigates life in the United States and becomes a housekeeper for a widower and his children. As she finds her place in a new country, she also helps a family heal and rediscover God’s grace.

“My sister recommended it to me,” McKenna said. “She actually let me borrow the book.”

Lori Wick is a renowned Christian fiction and romance author. She’s published a variety of series, collections, and novels for women, including “Pretense” and “Bamboo and Lace.”

“I would [recommend it for anyone] from teenagers to adults,” McKenna said. “It’s probably going to be more of a female book.”

“Sophie’s Heart” offers a look at grief, healing, and forgiveness in families.