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“Cometh the Scythesman” by GJ Kelly


MacKenzie Jadick

Forensic science teacher Jessica Tatum reads “Cometh the Scythesman,” a book only available online that explores good overcoming evil.

MacKenzie Jadick, Staff Writer

Forensic science teacher Jessica Tatum is currently reading “Cometh the Scythesman” by GJ Kelly.  As the fifth book in “The Shi’ell” series, it is a fantasy series that keeps a reader coming back for more. 

“When even doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean that it is just a happy ending,” Tatum said. “There is some hard truth in life and making the right decision doesn’t always mean that it is a good outcome.”

 According to Tatum, this story is about the main character Argog who has been chosen to defeat all of the evil in the elf’s land.

GJ Kelly has written five different book series, all within the fantasy genre. He is currently writing his sixth called “Yarmian Eventyde,” and has two books already published,  “Zensteel and Izenjaws” and “Cold in Kallista.” Kelly’s books are available exclusively online and can be found on Amazon.

“I like to see justice served and good overcoming evil, but I also like to see a lot of aspects of real life in there too,” Tatum said.

 “Cometh the Scythesman ” is a book readers can relate to when it comes to doing the right thing.