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Book madness and teasers


Adeline Harper

Media specialist Rick Wright sits and records the Ex Libris Book Club Teasers podcast. The podcast is just one of many projects Wright is doing to encourage students to read.

Adeline Harper, Staff Writer

Media Specialist Rick Wright has been making reading fun at Starr’s Mill. Not only has he started the first ever student polling to decide this year’s March Book Madness entries, but he has also created a podcast for the Ex Libris book club. 

He hopes that his endeavours encourage students to pick up a book and start reading. 

“I want the students to be aware that they can start checking out these books now and reading them over the holidays, so they can know what to vote for,” Wright said.

Students are still able to vote for this year’s March Book Madness entries, which will feature a total of 16 books. When March begins, students will be able to vote for their favorite books out of the 16 competing, and the most popular book wins the tournament. 

“What’s great about this school is that we have a lot of kids who read,” Wright said. “We have 60 kids in the club, which is amazing in itself because most high schools don’t even have a book club.”

Wright has also started a podcast called the Ex Libris Book Club Teasers, which anyone can listen to on Spotify.

Members of Ex Libris can come on the podcast at any time to comment, summarize, or rant about their favorite books. Like the name implies, these act like teasers for the Ex Libris book club meetings. 

A new episode is recorded every month.

“Ex Libris is a special thing,” Wright said. “We are open to everyone. We don’t require any academic standing [to participate. We want people to enjoy the experience.”  

Ex Libris meets after school on the first Wednesday of every month in the media center. All are welcome.