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The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan



Science teacher Julia Britt enjoys reading the Black Magician Trilogy, written by Trudi Canavan. The trilogy includes “The Magicians’ Guild,” “The Novice,” and “The High Lord.”

Allyssa Daigle, Staff Writer

Science teacher Julia Britt’s favorite series of books is the Black Magician Trilogy, written by Trudi Canavan. This trilogy includes three books titled “The Magicians’ Guild,” “The Novice,” and “The High Lord,” and lands in the science fiction genre.

“I liked that there was a female protagonist and she was a proponent for the entire city,” Britt said.

The trilogy emphasizes magical and supernatural power, and focuses on the main character Senoa. Senoa lives in poverty. The Back Magician Trilogy is about her going from penury to living amongst the highest wizards and most powerful magicians.

“There’s the epic battles that you find in sci-fi and fantasy books and the happy ending you receive most of the time…” Britt said.

Trudi Canavan is an Australian author, best known for her fantasy novels. Her best known trilogies include The Black Magician and Age Of Five. She worked as a graphic designer while establishing her occupation as a writer, and once she came out with The Traitor Spy trilogy, she started writing full time.

“It’s a good lesson in never giving up and going after what you believe in,” Britt said.

The Black Magician trilogy is a mystic series that Britt recommends, where readers can get lost in their own imagination.