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The Wax and Wayne Series


Adaleigh Weber

Visual arts teacher Todd Little has enjoyed reading Brian Sanderson’s books, after being introduced to him by his nephew. The Wax and Wayne series contains a few of the many books in the world of Cosmere, which is the setting where most of his books take place.

Adaleigh Weber, Staff Writer

Visual arts teacher Todd Little teaches various styles of creative expression, including the use of ceramics, drawing, painting, and printmaking. Along with his multiple art styles, Little has a wide range of books he has read. 

When asked what his favorite book was, the wide collection he had read on his Kindle made it a difficult decision to pick one specific book or series.  

“I can’t really pick it, but I would narrow it down to an author instead of a book,” Little said. 

Despite this, he came to a decision based on his bond with his nephew. Little now enjoys books written by Brian Sanderson.

Sanderson is best known for the fictional universe he has created, which contains an incredible amount of series and books. His most notable book series include the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive, which are both set in the world he created called the Cosmere. 

In his books, his use of language and his delivery make each book as entertaining as the next.  

“He has a style of writing that’s sort of magical and it’s usually full of suspense,” Little said. “There’s always a bit of magic to it. It’s always different. That’s the best way I can describe it.”

Because of Sanderson’s writing style, Little had trouble picking a favorite out of the Cosmere world collection. 

“I wish I could narrow it down, but I can’t,” Little said. “I’ve read series after series.” 

Little explained the Wax and Wayne Series and its three books: “The Alloy of Law,” “Shadows of Self,” and “The Bands of Mourning.” 

“The Wax and Wayne series, which was part of the same world as the Mistborn series, is kind of crazy,” Little said. “It’s all based on metal. If you eat gunpowder, it increases your strength. That’s a weird one. They would have these things to enhance your physical ability. Whether it could make them disappear, or they could have a better memory. It was just different.”

With so many interesting settings, books, worlds, and collections written by Sanderson, one could potentially struggle with keeping up with the order of which to read. Lucky for Little, his nephew helped keep track of it for him. 

“I’m not really good with remembering the titles of the books,” Little said. “That’s why I have my nephew. He’s almost my librarian. He kind of organizes the order for me, and tells me to start here, and finish there, and it’s just been a really cool journey with my nephew.”

As Little continued to read Sanderson’s novels with his nephew, they began to share the same interest with the author. 

“We have that bonding thing going on,” Little said. “That may be why I’m saying this is my favorite, because it’s his favorite.”