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“Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline


Jessica Doyle

English teacher Terence Fitzgerald is currently reading “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline. The novel follows Wayde Wyatt’s adventure in facing obstacles to save his futuristic world.

Jessica Doyle, Staff Writer

English teacher Terence Fitzgerald is currently reading “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline. 

“It’s kind of an amalgamation of all geek culture and 80’s references,” Fitzgerald said. “I’m pretty much tuned into that, and as somebody who gets all the references and enjoys all the little easter eggs that the movie and the books bring up, I really enjoy that aspect of it.” 

“Ready Player Two” is a science-fiction novel following Cline’s debut novel, “Ready Player One,” which was later produced into a movie. This sequel is a continuation of Wade Wyatt’s journey throughout the Oasis to uncover new secrets, innovations, and potential threats to the human race. With humanity’s life at stake again, it’s up to Wade to save his home. 

“I read [“Ready Player One”] and I really liked it. I liked the movie, so when I heard the second book had come out I didn’t realize there could be a continuation of the first film,” Fitzgerald said. “I felt like it was kind of finished and cleaned up.”

Cline has written a total of five books, four of which stick to the sci-fi genre,. The other is poetry. The “Ready Player One” novels, and Cline’s later work “Armada” were both inspired by Black Tiger, Battlezone, and other 1980’s video and arcade games that Cline was addicted to growing up in Ashland, Ohio. 

“I was kind of interested to see what the next chapter would be like,” Fitzgerald said. “Sure enough, it’s an interesting direction.”

Both “Ready Player One” and “Ready Player Two” made it onto New York Times #1 Bestsellers list. Readers celebrate the novels for their pop culture references, and the perspective they provide on the progression of technology and human identity. 

You can find “Ready Player Two” online at Barnes & Noble, Audible, Kindle, and Google Play Books.