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“The Girl Who Lived” by Christopher Greyson


Jae Ardoin

Front office secretary Dana Clevenger recently read “The Girl Who Lived” by Christopher Greyson. This novel is a thrilling murder mystery about a girl who is the only person that survived a cabin murder. She is put in a psychiatric hospital, suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jae Ardoin, Staff Writer

Front office secretary Dana Clevenger has recently read  “The Girl Who Lived” by Christopher Greyson, a book recommended by her daughter. Although she knew the book was a mystery, Clevenger found that this one was different. 

“It’s about a girl, Faith Winters, who her dad, sister, bestfriend, and best friends mother all went to a cabin and got murdered and she was the only one to live,” Clevenger said. “She had a mental breakdown from the tragedy, because of this she went to a psychiatric hospital. Several years later she gets released to go back into the world.”

 The book accompanies Winters on her journey to try to solve the murder mystery of who killed the people that she loved the most. 

 “It was a bit slow in the beginning and it had a lot of characters too so trying to figure out who everyone is was a lot,” Clevenger said. “But by the end I couldn’t put it down. I read it until 1 a.m. one time.”

Clevenger said that she has not read any other books by Christopher Greyson, but if she found another one she would definitely read it. 

“The Girl Who Lived” won a gold medal for the best mystery/thriller ebook of the year. Greyson has published over 20 books that all have to do with mysteries and murders. 

If you are the type of reader who wants to be on edge while reading a book, then “The Girl Who Lived” and other works by Christopher Greyson are for you.