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“Klopp Bring the Noise” by Raphael Honigstein


Adebola Adepoju

Math teacher John Bowen read “Klopp Bring the Noise” by Raphael Honigstein. This book is about Klopp’s life and how he manages his team.

Adebola Adepoju, Staff Writer

Math teacher John Bowen previously read “Klopp Bring the Noise” by Raphael Honigstein.

“I read a lot of different coaching books,” Bowen said. “I read basketball coaches, football coaches, just any coach to try to find out what they do and how they do it and see if there’s anything I can use.”

This biography explains how Klopp, the Liverpool manager, has helped the soccer club achieve success. It is a book about him as an individual, and it follows his story as a player. 

“I’m a big fan and just interested in the way he did things, the way he coaches, the style he uses and his management,” Bowen said.

Honigstein is known in Germany as a journalist and author. He is mostly well known in the United Kingdom as an expert in German football. 

“It’s a take on one coach’s life, so you’re just trying to see what makes him tick and see if anything of that stuff applies to you,” Bowen said.

Bowen describes the theme of the book as being about putting in maximum effort in order to achieve success.