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“The Woman They Could Not Silence” by Kate Moore


Madi Handley

Student teacher Karen Post finished reading “The Woman They Could Not Silence” by Kate Moore. This book is about a woman in the 1850s who refused to let her opinion be silenced.

Madi Handley, Staff Writer

Karen Post, a student teacher completing her practicum in Juliana Wright’s English class, finished reading Kate Moore’s “The Woman They Could Not Silence.”

The book is about a woman in the 1850s who knew she was meant for a lot more than just being a housewife. She started speaking out about how women need more opportunities, but was considered crazy and was put in an asylum.

“I like a lot of autobiographies that tell me about people who actually lived during certain periods of time,” Post said. 

There, she was manipulated and controlled by the workers, but she became a leader to the other women who were also wrongfully put in the asylum. The asylum isolated her, believing she was a threat for being a leader. With the asylum refusing to let her write she would take pieces of curtain, scrapes, and other miscellaneous things to be able to write her story. 

Kate Moore, a New York Times Bestselling author, has written many other books, including “The Radium Girls,” “The Loner,” and “The Battle of Britain.” Moore’s most popular book is “The Radium Girls,” which won the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award for Best History. “The Woman They Could Not Silence” was runner-up for Best History in the 2021 Good Reads Choice Awards. 

“I would recommend the book to any woman, especially any young girls,” Post said. “It’s a good reading level even for teenage girls.” 

The theme of the book is to not be afraid to speak out and stand up for what you believe in.