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“Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman


Adeline Harper

Visual arts teacher Todd Little has been reading “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman. This novel is about an angel and a demon who work together to try and stop the end of times.

Adeline Harper, Editor

Visual arts teacher Todd Little is reading “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

“I am a fan of sci-fi books,” Little said. “I’m reading from my niece’s favorite book list, and she recommended I read this book.”

“Good Omens” is a science-fiction comedy about the devil and his attempt to cause the end of times, and a demon and an angel that try to stop it. It follows the demon, Crowley, who was the serpent that tempted Eve, and the angel, Aziraphale, who originally guarded the garden of Eden. 

Over the thousands of years that they have known each other, a friendship forms and they work together to stop the end of times from coming 

“I’ve read two books from my niece’s list, both by Terry Pratchett. They’re called ‘Discworld 1 and 2,’ and they were pretty good. Those were also a sci-fi, but not a thriller,” Little said. “Brandon Sanderson is a sci-fi, fantasy, and magic type of author, but there’s a thriller side to his books, and that’s what gets me hooked.”

Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman, both authors of the book, had known each other for years before writing the novel. After Gaiman’s success in his “Biography of Doug Adams,” he was inspired to try his hand at novel writing and eventually sent a piece of his work to his friends, including Pratchett. Gradually, after responding positively to Gaiman’s work, Pratchett and Gaiman began their work on “Good Omens.”

“I’m nowhere near the end of it, so I have no idea how it is going to conclude,” Little said. “When I get done reading it, I’m also going to watch the show.”

Little recommends this book to anyone who is an intellect or enjoys comedy and sci-fi.