Family, always and forever

A look at the past five years of ‘The Originals’


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The series finale premiere of “The Originals” shows us how this is more than any other teen drama show. As the Mikaelson family goes through their final battle together, they show us what it really means to be family.

Jordan Owens, Staff Writer

Recently, I experienced one of the most agonizing moments of my life, and the fact that it was only in the span of one hour and was about fictional characters somehow doesn’t seem to make it any less traumatic. This moment was “The Originals” series finale.

For anyone who watches “The Originals” but has yet to see the series finale, released on Aug. 1, should know that major spoilers are up ahead, so read at your own risk.

Over the course of [Klaus’] thousand years of life, he has caused torment to his family, friends, or really anybody he’s ever met.

— Staff Writer Jordan Owens

Anyone who has followed this “Vampire Diaries” spin-off for the past five years and saw the last episode should understand my pain and why I was in tears all weekend. If you have not seen the show, or even heard of this show, then let me give you a break down of who and what “The Originals” are.

A thousand years ago, there were five siblings named Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, and Finn Mikaelson. They were witches, but when the youngest sibling was tragically killed by werewolves, their parents feel that the only way to protect their children was to turn them into vampires, thus giving them eternal life. They then became known as the Original family. Klaus is half werewolf, which not only makes him a part of the Original family, but also the original hybrid. Over the course of his thousand years of life, he has caused torment to his family, friends, or really anybody he’s ever met.

This series starts a thousand years later, in the 21st century. Klaus goes to New Orleans to figure out why someone was trying to hunt him down.  While there, he finds out that a werewolf named Hayley is pregnant with his child. With the birth of his child, Hope, the family faces constant battles with both the supernatural creatures of New Orleans and themselves.

Sibling bonds in this show are one of the most important. One prime example of this is Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah.

In every season, Klaus and Rebekah have always separated on a bad note, but when they come back together they always make up. When it comes down to it, they would give up everything for each other. As for Elijah and Klaus, I believe they have the strongest bond out of all the Mikaelson siblings. This is most likely because with an age difference between them and their father’s absence, Elijah was more like a father figure to Klaus.

Though the fans were given a chance in the last episode to mentally prepare for Klaus’ death, they were not prepared for the death of Elijah Mikaelson. Elijah was always the one to fight for his family and try to redeem his brother from all his wrongdoings. Once Elijah truly believed his brother was redeemed, he came to terms with his brother’s death, but still after everything they’ve gone through Elijah couldn’t fathom the thought of living a life without his brother, so he decided to die alongside him. In facing the question of what happens after death, together they finally found peace in life.

“The Originals” has shown me not only the strength of sibling bonds but also the bond between a parent and a child. Klaus’ daughter, Hope Mikaelson, is the main reason “The Originals” continued. Being the firstborn in Klaus’ bloodline, Hope was constantly in danger, which caused Klaus to not be with his daughter for over five years on two separate occasions.

[T]he Mikaelsons have overcome every single obstacle, some would say it was because of their physical strength, but I say it was because of their strength as a family.

— Staff Writer Jordan Owens

This is part of the reason why the Mikaelson family continues to come back together. After the kidnapping and death of her mother, Klaus finds out what it feels like to be a single father. The fans have known Klaus since before Hope was born, and we can justify that she has truly changed Klaus Mikaelson. Before Hope, Klaus was a person who only caused pain to others, but after her, he finally understood the true meaning of family. In the last episode, Klaus died to protect his daughter and to protect his family.

The show is important because in the technology age, people do not really value family as much as they used to, and “The Originals” tells us why family is important: they will always be there for you.

Throughout the last five seasons of “The Originals,” the Mikaelsons have overcome every single obstacle, some would say it was because of their physical strength, but I say it was because of their strength as a family. Viewers are able to buy this familial connection because the show is so well-crafted. The actors over the seasons have mastered conveying the tension between these characters, really becoming intertwined with their roles. Throughout the series, the writers have developed the backstory of the Mikaelson family in a way that makes their actions believable and compelling.

If you’re into the type of shows with vampires, werewolves, or really any supernatural creature, “The Originals” is the show for you. If you’re looking for the kind of that tugs on your heartstrings, “The Originals” is the show for you. This show demonstrates that family bonds are one of the strongest bonds you can have. Family is always there for one another when they really need it, no matter how bad things might have ended the last time they spoke.