Deaf finally heard

A&E episode perfectly represents the struggles and experiences of the deaf community


A&E Television Network

The Mansfield family from Austin, Texas, a predominantly deaf family, pose for a picture in front of their home. In this special episode of ‘Born This Way’ by A&E television, viewers are able to follow the lives of the Mansfield’s and two other families and see what challenges they face in their daily lives.

Sophia Bender, Staff Writer

On Sept. 12, the A&E television channel aired a special episode of their show “Born This Way”  to highlight the deaf community. Watching this episode genuinely made me smile for several different reasons. The deaf community finally getting a spotlight is amazing on its own, not to mention being represented accurately.

The episode is from A&E Television’s “Born This Way” series and follows the daily lives and struggles of three deaf families. It shows that the deaf have struggles of their own, but also that they are content with their way of life. They don’t feel as if they are missing out on something because they can’t hear. The show depicts them as just three normal American families.

This episode is truly educational and entertaining. Hearing people can watch the show to be educated about what it is like to be deaf and the challenges they face. They can also learn about the different ways that deaf people communicate beyond sign language.

Members of the deaf community can also watch to see that they are not alone and are getting the representation in entertainment that they deserve. Many deaf people could most likely relate to the struggles the families face.

This truly is a special episode, so whether you are hearing or deaf, make sure to take an hour out of your day to learn a little bit more about this way of life. You can check out the show on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the A&E channel or on the A&E website after logging into your TV provider.