The cold still doesn’t bother them

‘Frozen 2’ lives up to its hype


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Elsa and her friends journey to find the magical voice in Elsa’s head. While the kingdom of Arendelle rests after the events in Frozen, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf all get used to the “normal” life. However, Elsa is dealing with a new pressure of feeling like she does not belong. With good songs and a great plot, “Frozen 2” is a wonderful experience for people who enjoyed the first film and its characters.

Addie Ellison, Sports Editor

Some Disney movie sequels are just awful compared to the original. Some manage to top the original film.

Six years later we finally get the sequel to the hit movie “Frozen,” and the sequel proved it had great potential. This movie has a lot of good songs, great characterization, and a more mature plot. 

[T]heir mother sings about being careful in the forest. She warns them they could go to deep into the past and ‘drown.’

— Staff Writer Addie Ellison

This analysis does contain spoilers.

The movie begins in Arendelle with the former king and queen of Arendelle talking to young Anna and Elsa about the forest people, the dam of Arendelle, the spirits, and the mysterious savior of their father. In the scene, their mother sings about being careful in the forest. She warns them they could go to deep into the past and “drown.” Their father also talks about how all the people of the forest were never seen again.

As the flashback ends, the audience is taken to modern-day Arendelle where Elsa is called by a mysterious voice into the same forest. She decides to leave Arendelle to find this voice with her sister and friends. 

While Elsa deals with this new voice, Kristoff tries to propose to Anna. Though he keeps failing to do so due to his awkwardness. In my opinion, Kristoff was no use to the plot. He lacked the charm that he had in the first movie. Olaf said in the beginning that the forest would change all of them, and he was right about everyone except Kristoff. He didn’t change — his goal was the same at the beginning as it was in the end.

While journeying through the forest, Elsa, played by Idina Menzel, and Anna, played by Kristen Bell, discover Elsa’s powers can show memories. The memories are shown in ice sculptures. One of the sculptures depicts Anna and Elsa’s mother saving their dad from what appears to be a fight in the forest. The friends also find the settlement of people who have been trapped in the forest.

Not only are there people in the forest, but there are also four spirits. Three of the spirits prove to be helpful in the story. 

The fire spirit, named Bruni, accidentally started a fire in the beginning, but when Elsa was able to calm him down, it showed her ability to work with the spirits. 

The wind spirit, Gale, guided Anna and Elsa throughout their journey. He helped them out of the forest. 

Elsa discovered that her powers are the result of her parents’ kindness. 

— Staff Writer Addie Ellison

The water spirit, Nokk was troubling for Elsa in the beginning. He did not want Elsa to pass, but after she was able to calm and tame him, he helped her discover the past. 

The last spirit is the earth spirits, Rock Giants, who roamed the forest. 

Some of the more critical points in “Frozen 2” is when Elsa discovers the reason for her powers. Elsa discovered that her powers are the result of her parents’ kindness. 

She also sees the past of her mother and realizes Elsa is the 5th spirit. Elsa really leads the movie with her strong characterization. She radiates power to the audience through her animation and voice.

Elsa discovers that the people of Arendelle attacked the people of the forest due to fear. Fear is a constant factor in the movies. But due to Elsa going to deep into the past, she freezes. When Elsa freezes she dies, and so do her creations. One of the most heartbreaking parts of the movie is when Olaf disappears in Anna’s arms.

After Olaf’s death Anna is dreading the task of saving everyone. She just wants to mourn the loss of her friend. However, she keeps going and eventually destroys the dam. This was the last reminder of Arendelle’s mistake in the past. 

Anna, I felt, was one note until the ending where she saved Arendelle. She bases all of her characterization on Elsa. So she falls into Elsa’s shadow. But when she finally goes on her own, we see how truly amazing she is. 

[‘The Next Right Thing’] hits home with everyone who has lost someone or anyone who struggles to get up and keep going.

— Staff Writer Addie Ellison

When Anna destroys the dam, Elsa is thawed and rushes to save the kingdom from the water rushing out of the dam. In the end all is resolved, Elsa stays in the forest to live among the spirits, and Anna becomes queen of Arendelle.

“Frozen 2” was really a delight to the ears. The soundtrack proved that original songs can still be fun, catchy, and have emotional meaning. 

They varied from ballads to rock numbers. Some of the songs even stood up to the original soundtrack, while others did not. Kristoff, played by Jonathon Groff, had a rock song about loving Anna, and though Jonathon Groff is a great singer, the song felt out of place. It had no real purpose and seemed to pull me out of the moment.

“Into the Unknown,” one of Elsa’s first songs, was true to Idina Menzel’s style and vocal range. It conveys astounding vocals and powerful lyrics. Menzel also shows incredible vocal talent in “Show Yourself.” During the climax of the movie emotions are running strong from the song. Elsa is almost at the point of recognizing how the past and present combine. The song is powerful and full of emotion. It made the audience feel the power of Elsa’s want for the truth.

Kristen Bell shows her amazing vocal talent with “The Next Right Thing.” This song to me was the most powerful of all and the best song. Anna is at her breaking point, she has the choice to stay and mourn a friend and her sister, or save everyone. This song hits home with everyone who has lost someone or anyone who struggles to get up and keep going. She sings about moving on even when you feel sad and just focusing on the next step.

In the end, “Frozen 2” played with some new ideas Disney movies never play with. It talked about not belonging, doubting love, and betrayal.

I saw “Frozen” in the theatre with my mom when I was nine. I saw “Frozen 2” in the theatre with my mom, and now I’m fifteen. I think this movie resonates so well with me because I grew up with the movie. “Frozen 2” addresses topics that were more mature, so it entertained the teens who grew up with the original. So for that, it will always live up to the first.