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“Everything Everywhere All at Once”


Adeline Harper

Sophomore Aj Osei-Banie has watched the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” It is a movie about an average mother who reluctantly becomes a superhero.

Sophomore Aj Osei-Banie recently watched the movie  “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which tells the story of an average mother, Evelyn Wang, who reluctantly becomes a superhero. She jumps into alternate worlds, finding and absorbing powers to fight an evil villain, and the film includes a peculiar symbol of a bagel representing profound concepts. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” came out in March of 2022, and is still showing at some movie theaters.

What did you enjoy about this film?

“I like how it has thriller parts,” Osei-Banie said. “But then it also has a family atmosphere included.”

I saw a bunch of TikToks for it, and I just thought it was cool.

— sophomore Aj Osei-Banie

What drew you to this film?

“I saw a bunch of TikToks for it, and I just thought it was cool.”

What do you think was the most memorable part of this film?

“There’s a scene where they’re talking about the Bagel, just the effects of it were so pretty.”

How did you respond emotionally to this film?

“I almost cried when the main character died.”

What other films similar to this series would you recommend?

“I would recommend ‘Midsommar.’ It has a similar plot.”

Everything Everywhere All at Once” is available to watch at a movie theater near you and on your favorite streaming services, including The Roku Channel, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.