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Adeline Harper

Sophomore Lizzy Cole has watched “Columbo.” It is a show about multiple homicide cases.

Sophomore Lizzy Cole recently watched the TV series “Columbo,” which depicts the cases of homicide detective Frank Columbo. The series shows the murders before Columbo gets on the scene and it shows how Columbo figures out the culprit. “Columbo” is streaming on Peacock.

What did you enjoy about this show?

“I like how funny Columbo is,” Cole said. “He always adds one more thing.”

The way that Columbo always has to add something is really funny.

— Sophomore Lizzy Cole

What drew you to this show?

“[I] don’t have a regular TV, so I saw it and was interested.”

What do you think was the most memorable part of this show?

“The way that Columbo always has to add something is really funny.”

How is this show different from other things you’ve watched?

“It’s a mystery show which I normally don’t watch.”

What other shows similar to this series would you recommend?

“I would recommend ‘Murder, She Wrote.’”

“Columbo” is available on the streaming service Peacock.