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Adeline Harper
“Scorpions” is a show about a group of genius misfits that work together to fight against the threats of the high-tech computer age.

Healthcare teacher Julie McKenna recently watched the thrilling series “Scorpion.” The show is about a group of genius misfits who help defend against the threats of the high-tech computer age that threaten homeland security. While they thrive in the cybersecurity world, they struggle to make a connection in the real world. As they solve crimes, they also learn about the real world.

What did you enjoy about this show?

It’s a FBI series, so it’s a mystery,” McKenna said. “It’s an easy-to-binge-watch series.”

What motivated you to watch this show?

“A friend recommended it, and she kind of described what it was about,” McKenna said. “It’s about a group of people who were geniuses and contracted by the FBI. That kind of intrigued me.”

What was the most memorable part of this show?

“There was an episode where the main character fell down the stairs and had a major head bleed. They had to quickly come up with a solution for it because the ambulance wasn’t going to come in time to save his life,” McKenna said. “They had to take a drill and screw into his skull to relieve the pressure on his brain to save his life.”

How is this show different from others that you have watched?

“This one was different because it was geniuses versus regular law people like the police and FBI agents,” McKenna said. “It had these geniuses that were contracted to help solve the mysteries.”

What other shows similar to this one would you recommend?

“I guess the other one, to me, that’s the most similar is ‘Numbers’,” McKenna said.

“Scorpion” can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video or Paramount.

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