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“Star Trek”
Adeline Harper
“Star Trek: The Original Series,” directed by Gene Roddenberry, takes place out in space following the crew of the Enterprise as they make their way through space.

English teacher Karen Post recently watched the show “Star Trek.” 

“Star Trek” follows the story of a crew of space travelers as they make their way through space. The show takes place far into the future.

The crew is played by actors William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Jeffrey Hunter, Nichelle Nichols, Majel Barrett,  and DeForest Kelley all directed by Gene Roddenberry.

What did you enjoy about this film/series?

“They have very relevant topics even though it’s way in the future, like are we supposed to get involved in other planets’ development? Like are we, as the United States, supposed to be getting involved with countries across the world.”

What motivated you to watch this film/series?

“I really like watching space movies, and movies that make you think about how you’re living now.”

What was the most memorable part of this film/series?

“I think what I really liked is how the crew of the Enterprise, the ship they’re on all throughout the series, grows relationships with each other making them like family.”

How is this film/series different from others that you have watched?

“It really makes you wonder if there are other life forms in the galaxy. It talks about relative issues like prejudice.”

What other films similar to this one would you recommend?

“‘BattleStar Galactica’ is a good one and a very short-lived series called ‘Firefly.’ It was so good that when they took it off the air there was a big letter-writing campaign to bring it back. They made a movie later on.’’

You can find ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ on Paramount+, Pluto TV, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.

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